Gather your party: a Wyrd and Wonder round-up

Sunday may be a day of rest, but there is apparently no rest for this year’s wicked adventuring party! Wyrd and Wonder has officially kicked off, and its first weekend has been bustling with awesome content! imyril will have a round-up of some of that for you, but over here today I’m helping you all get to know each other a bit better with a round-up of participant intro posts, as well as picking a few gems from the first

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April Recap: Hanging in there

Well, we reached the end of another month in 2020. I’m still here, and I sincerely hope you’re all doing whatever you can to get yourselves through this … very, very strange time we’re now living in. But let’s not get into that here, today. Today, I’m here to round up what was a very stop-start-surprise!binge sort of month, reading-wise. Then we can finally turn our attention toward the third annual Wyrd and Wonder celebration of fantasy! But first…

Top Ten Tuesday: Listen up!

*Pulls back the curtains, opens the windows, hisses at the sunlight* Hello! And welcome (back, again) to Top Ten Tuesday. I haven’t done one of these in a little while – in fact, I haven’t done much of anything here in a little while. But I am changing that today, with a fun return to this favourite feature!

Challenging times ahead

… But this challenge is a fun one, because it involves reading! That’s right. As if my recent headlong dive into my TBR for The Great Series Read Project wasn’t enough, I’ve gone and gotten tempted into taking up another bookish challenge aimed at whittling down my stacks of unread books…

Announcing the Wyrd and Wonder 2020 Readalong!

*Dusts the shelves, throws open curtains, opens windows* Hello, and welcome back! Yes, I am still alive, still … getting by? As I hope we all are? Times are so strange, you guys. So strange. But hey, let’s talk about something more fun! Today I am planning a thing, with the help of my Wyrd and Wonder cohorts – I bring you the Wyrd and Wonder 2020 Readalong!

Top Ten Tuesday: Spring 2020 TBR

Hello from the Dear Geek… Bunker? Well, sort of. I haven’t been hoarding toilet paper, I promise. But as usual, I continue to hoard books, and though I dearly wish the circumstances were better it looks as though I may get even more time than usual now to work my way through them. But social distancing stops at the internet door, and so I’m here to share a bit of what I’ll hopefully be reading over the next couple of

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