SciFi Month Read Along: Behind The Throne, Week 3

It’s the penultimate week of this SciFi Month Read Along, and things are getting very tense as Hail starts to uncover who is responsible for the series of attacks on her and her family… or does she? This chewy thought-nugget and more, as I answer questions on chapters 16 through 22! SPOILERS BELOW.

SciFi Month Mission Log: Week 1

A futuristic cityscape, overlaid with text reading "Imagine the future / 1-30 November / SciFi Month 2023"

We’ve reached the end of November’s first week, which means it’s time for a rest stop and to catch up on what you’ve all been up to as we head out on this year’s adventure! Today I’ve gathered your introduction posts and TBRs, so let’s remind ourselves who’s aboard and what their plans are, shall we?

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