Behind The Throne Read Along – Week 4 Questions

It’s the final week of our SciFi Month Read Along, and I am so eager to get to this last round of discussion so I can move on to book 2 in this trilogy!

Need I say more?


Before I get to the questions for this last round, here’s a reminder of the Read Along schedule if you’d like to hop across to some blogs and catch up/join the discussion!


  • Week 1: Chapters 1-8, questions posted on or by Thursday 2nd November, hosted by Dear Geek Place
  • Week 2: Chapters 9-15, questions on/by Thursday 9th, hosted by Bookforager
  • Week 3: Chapters 16-22, questions on/by Thursday 16th, hosted by The Book Nook
  • Week 4: Chapters 23 to End, questions on/by Thursday 23rd, hosted by Dear Geek Place


OK, let’s get on with it…

RIP the empress-mother, who at least got to have as much of a reconciliation with Hail as was likely possible under the circumstances before she met her end. Did this scene and/or the manner of her death change your opinion of her, or earn her more sympathy?

Let’s talk about Bial. We get a few more twists and turns out of this book thanks to him, and it appears we haven’t seen the last of him yet. What are your thoughts regarding the former Ekam now that we’re at the end of book 1? 

Ganda, Nalmari and Laabh have all earned justice at the hands (or at least the will) of the new Empress. Or have they? Do you think Hail’s sentence was entirely just, or is the vengeful gunrunner having her way after all? Or is it both? Bonus question: how about that final coronation scene?

On the subject of royal rulers, let’s turn to the Saxons. Hail is not entirely convinced that the Saxon attacks – within the palace and far without – happened with King Trace’s knowledge, or at least with his blessing. What do you think? And are you intrigued to learn more about Hail’s apparent enemy?

That’s it for my questions, but as always, feel free to throw in any other thoughts and feelings you have on things I’ve missed here!

AND. If you’re hooked and want to continue reading this trilogy, I’m planning to put together a Read Along in January for Book 2, After The Crown. So stay tuned for more info soon!


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