Behind The Throne Read Along – Week 1 Questions

Far-future space empires. Political intrigue. Murder and a matriarchal society.

Welcome to the Behind The Throne Read Along. It’s time to ask some questions!



Well, it’s time for the first round of discussion questions for this Read Along, but before I get to those here’s a quick reminder of the schedule in case you missed it:


  • Week 1: Chapters 1-8, questions posted on or by Thursday 2nd November, hosted by Dear Geek Place
  • Week 2: Chapters 9-15, questions on/by Thursday 9th, hosted by Bookforager
  • Week 3: Chapters 16-22, questions on/by Thursday 16th, hosted by The Book Nook
  • Week 4: Chapters 23 to End, questions on/by Thursday 23rd, hosted by Dear Geek Place


All righty then! Let’s dive on in…

The story begins by hitting the ground running, with the introduction of Hail Bristol in a literally messy predicament, quickly followed by her return home to power and status as an Imperial heir. How does this introduction to the story – and to Hail – grab you so far?

Let’s talk about the Indranan Empire in general next: we have a matriarchal society that’s judged by some (including Hail) to be antiquated and perhaps unnecessary, not to mention unequal. What’s your take on such a society, and on this one in particular?

We’re also introduced to quite a cast of characters in considerably short order. Do any of them stand out to you thus far, for better or worse? Got any fascination or suspicion that grabs you regarding anyone we’ve met?

We also have more than one murder mystery (sort of?) going on where Hail is concerned. Given the apparent events that introduced her to us, do you have any thoughts yet on what might have happened to put her in that position, and/or how they might be related to the events that brought her home (if you think they are related, that is)? 

I think that’s it from me for this first round, but feel free to talk about anything and everything else that grabs you about the story so far! See you again soon, with my own thoughts and ponderances…




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