SciFi Month Mission Log: Week 1

We’ve reached the end of November’s first week, which means it’s time for a rest stop and to catch up on what you’ve all been up to as we head out on this year’s adventure! Today I’ve gathered your introduction posts and TBRs, so let’s remind ourselves who’s aboard and what their plans are, shall we?


A futuristic cityscape, overlaid with text reading "Imagine the future / 1-30 November / SciFi Month 2023"


We’ve got a good mix of veterans and newcomers again this year, which always pleases me – and you’ve certainly not been lazy during take-off! Let’s see who we’ve got, and what they’re going to be up to…

Emma at Words and Peace | Nancy Elin | Nicole at BookWyrm Knits | Jinjer at Intrepid Angeleno | Louise at Foxes & Fairy Tales | Annemieke at A Dance With Books | Ollie at Infinite Speculation | Celeste at A Literary Escape | Lex at Lexlingua | Heather at Based on a True Story | Nic at Dragon Rambles | Mackenzie at Colour Me Read | Lisa at Dear Geek Place (hey that’s me!) | Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy | Ariana at The Book Nook | Louise at Monstrumology | Maddalena at Space and Sorcery | Mayri at Bookforager | imyril at There’s Always Room For One More | Janette at Witchy Reading | Lauren at Always Me

That’s it for the moment, but before I go: just a gentle reminder to anyone who’s signed up for access to the master schedule, please do remember to add your links, and/or make sure you tag @SciFiMonth somewhere (Twitter/Bluesky/Instagram) so we can see it. It makes life a heck of a lot easier for the ship captains who have to handle the logs. *Salute*

Now, carry on as you were, space crew, and we’ll see you for the next round-up – and don’t forget to check out imyril’s half of the Mission Log when that’s up!


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