Smooth sailing? – The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along, Part 1

*Comes rushing in, clutching books and notebooks and spilling pencils* I’m here! I swear I am! All right, fantasy nerds – it’s time to get my discussion hat on and dive into this year’s Wyrd and Wonder Read-along for Andrea Stewart’s The Bone Shard Daughter. In Part 1, we meet a very interesting cast of characters and begin to feel our way around Stewart’s world. It’s first impressions all the way down! I am thoroughly excite. Let’s do this.

Wyrd and Wonder: signup giveaway and TBR goals

Hello, hello and welcome to what I’m choosing to think of as a Wyrd and Wonder 2021 pre-launch party! Perhaps it’s ambitious of me since I am generally not the strict planning sort, but I’ve cobbled together a TBR pile for this year’s fantasy extravaganza and was excited to share it. Oh, and there are prizes for participants. Let’s see what’s in my bag of goodies…

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