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Read as thou wilt: The Kushiel’s Avatar Read-along, Week 3

The situation gets dire this week as Phédre and Joscelin reach Drujan, and are faced with the grim reality of their choices as they meet the Mahrkagir and learn of the coming rise of Angra Mainyu – and find Imriel, at last. This week’s reading took a toll on our group, but we’re seeing it through. With that in mind, let’s discuss Kushiel’s Avatar…

Love as thou wilt: The Kushiel’s Avatar Read-along, Week 1

Hello all! Today marks the beginning of the (final!) end of a series read-along that began … ahem, years ago now, as myself and several lovely fellow book nerds pick up the final book of Jacqueline Carey’s first Kushiel trilogy. Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève is undertaking her final perilous adventure, and we’re about to embark upon it with her… NOTE: Spoilers will likely be a feature of these posts! If you haven’t read the book and want to avoid

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Review: World Running Down

Hello, dear geeks! I’m … attempting to be back! Finding my feet again has taken a while, for various reasons, and I might still be finding them but that’s OK, schedules were never really a thing around here anyway. But! Today marks the first post of 2023, and it’s an ARC review of World Running Down by Al Hess, forthcoming from Angry Robot. Let’s talk about it.

Sci-Fi Month Read Along: The Galaxy, and the Ground Within – Week 3

Well, we’ve reached the end of our Sci-Fi Month Read Along (and almost the end of Sci-Fi Month 2022, but I’ll sob about that later). Today I’m bringing things home with the final round of questions, covering “Compounded System Failure” through to the end of the book. Let’s discuss The Galaxy, and the Ground Within – for the final time…

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