Wyrd & Wonder 2: The Wyrdening

Last May, myself and a pair of like-minded fantasy nerds took the plunge into a month-long celebration of all things fantasy. We invited all other like-minded fantasy nerds to the party, and we called it Wyrd & Wonder.

This year, it’s back. Yeah, baby. We’re getting a sequel.


Curiouser and curiouser…

If you’ve never heard of Wyrd & Wonder, the concept is pretty simple. Throughout the month of May, we open our blogger/social media doors, and our nerdy hearts, to everything fantasy. We read, review, discuss, challenge, and share whatever takes our fancy, so long as it can find shelter under the umbrella of fantasy. Be it epic, urban, high, low, grimdark, magical realism, whatever – if it floats your boat, we want you to celebrate it with us!

Who are you people?

There’s me, Jorie over at Jorie Loves A Story, and imyril at There’s Always Room For One More – who is once again excelling in the role of Record-Keeper and Generally Awesome Organiser, while the rest of us smear metaphorical cake icing and chocolate all over our faces and gleefully lose at musical chairs. Metaphorically.

Stop side-eyeing my metaphors. Yes, I’m working on them.

Is There A Secret Handshake?

Not at all! If you’re a blogger, that’s great! Blog away. If you’re not a blogger but you have some preferred form of social media, that’s great too! Let’s get social. You can follow the main Wyrd & Wonder Twitter account @wyrdandwonder, or find us (your hosts) there too – @deargeekplace, @joriestory and @imyril. You can also keep up with the tweetstorm using the hashtag #wyrdandwonder.

If you’re interested in signing up and joining us all officially-like, you can find our sign-up form and some more information in this helpful post from imyril (I told you she was the sensible one). This approach is helpful for tracking various posts and social media, but is 100% optional. 

Note: You are entirely welcome to use the banner above if you wish, but out of courtesy we ask that you remember to credit the artist (see below). 


Here is where I will stop talking and let you get on with further exploring, and hopefully our May adventures will have us crossing paths!


IMAGE CREDIT: Dragon by kasana86, on 123RF.com | Banner by imyril







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