Sci-Fi Month Mission Log: Week Three

More and more data is pouring in from our SF expeditions, and though I am late in presenting the findings, let’s get caught up on what the crew provided last week!

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First up, our weekly features!

Among our random files, we also had a couple of crew members, namely imyril and Jess, opening their doors to us with the Get To Know the SF Reader tag!

Mayri also took up the Six Degrees of SFnal Separation baton; Tammy got starry-eyed (heh) as she presented a selection of SF books with “Star” in the title (there are quite a few!); Tammy gave us another Future Fiction feature, and Crini offered up a cover reveal for the upcoming KB Wagers novel Hold Fast Through The Fire!

There’s also a nice long list of … well, lists, as well as some choice discussion posts for our third week of adventures!

Alex asked the age-old question, “Is there anyone out there?”, by taking us on a wonderful tour of space, complete with advertisements; Jess revisited a previous opinion piece to discuss a bit further why she doesn’t enjoy time travel in SF; and Joanna highlighted some Polish science fiction she’d love to see translated!

Susy presented a list of SF books she really wants to read; imyril looked at some 2020 debut SF novels for Top Ten Tuesday; Maddalena turned her attention to generation ships for Tuesday’s challenge prompt; Mogsy featured AI and robot protagonists for Sci-5 Tuesday; Lauren got cosy with some Sci-Fi Pets; and Annemieke looked back over the last year to bring us some SF she’d recommend since Sci-Fi Month 2019 ended.

Alex put together another discussion post, this time focusing on SF Golden Oldies, and also offered up a list of pandemic-related SF movies (watch if you’re feeling up to it!); Louise made the case for why she loves Superman; Amanda looked at science fiction that makes her nostalgic, and also discussed her favourite tropes in science fiction.

That’s it for my round-up this week, but as always – if there’s anything I missed that didn’t make it into the schedule, feel free to let me know! Excellent work, crewmates – keep it up, and onward to our final voyage…


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