Secrets and lies: The Poison Song Read-along, Part 3

Vintage and Chenlo clash with Queen Tyranny, Noon is forced to confront her past, and Tor makes a terrible decision – with dire consequences for Bern.

Deep breaths. Let’s discuss The Poison Song.

Spoilers follow for chapters 20 through 30.

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Tyranny goes full Bond villain this week. Do you think that’s the last we’ll see of her? Can there be any reconciliation after setting fire to Windfall?

Wow, Tyranny. Wow. That is some impressive ego you’ve got there but maybe try a bit harder not to spill it all over the place?

To answer the first part, no. I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. For one thing, to cut her out of the story now would be both a pointless waste of her character, and a big old missed opportunity for some serious confrontation drama. Whether it’s Tyranny and Vintage one on one (oh god no) or a full-scale battle royale scenario (oh god yes please THAT WOULD BE EPIC), I am convinced we’re going to see Tyranny come for her enemies, one way or another.

As for Windfall … are we certain she’s dead? Did we see her body? I’m not so sure we should be assuming she’s out of the game entirely, at any rate. Or maybe it’s just that I hope she isn’t – but it’s a hope I’m happy to hold on to, for the moment. I feel like there was more to unpack with her character and I’d like to see her effect some kind of change or even just affect the plot from here, if she did indeed survive…


Now we know What Noon Did, how do you feel about She Who Laughs – and what do you make of Noon’s response to being confronted by her past?

OK so I was not on the money about this one. Oh, Noon.

She Who Laughs is … not much of a benevolent and caring ‘goddess’ at all, is she. I don’t know what her deal is yet but whatever she wants, she’s using some very careless tactics and seems to have selfish motivations driving her. So in short, I do not trust her and I think Noon was 100% right to respond to what she’s put through by forcing She Who Laughs to send her back to where she came from. She was not in a good place, physically or emotionally, after that forced confrontation, and I don’t blame her one bit for wanting to just get the hell away from this entity.

I still think that Noon has the potential to level up, but at this point I’m wondering if that’s going to be a good thing, a disastrous thing, or a tragically heroic thing…

Oh, Noon.


At home with the Jure’lia: giant spiders, insect people, and a full-on Aliens hatchery. Did Tor make a huge mistake? What do you think will happen with Bern?




As for what will become of Bern … If he isn’t simply killed outright, which I doubt very much is the queen’s intention here, then regardless of how awful the situation is and how terrified I am for him, I’m going to bet that Bern is probably in exactly the right place to do something (anything) to hit the Jure’lia where it hurts. We saw what he managed to do to the crystal, and to them, when he was barely trying. What might he do if he’s desperate to survive/escape/not be horrifically altered and driven entirely mad?

But that’s only speculating about what might go down between him and the queen. At this point I am actually a bit less concerned about what the queen might do than with what Hestillion is going to do when she finds out. At this point the only thing I’m assuming is that whatever she does, it will Not Be Good.



And finally, your shipping forecast?

I’m a little surprised there was room for shipping this week, but here we are and I want Vintage to finally forget about Nanthema because hey, hello, former Agent Chenlo is right there and looking dashing in new fancy clothes and apparently not entirely disinterested in one impulsive and impossibly charming adventurer?

Vintage deserves a happy ending. Chenlo seems like she might be good for her. I ship it.

Fuck you, Nanthema.




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  • Man, I hope you’re right about Bern being in the perfect place to do some damage – I am so worried for him right now!!
    And I’m with imyril in thinking that Windfall is probably still alive and very, very miffed.
    Two weeks to go and I can’t even imagine how this is all going to end! 🙂

  • It’s not just me worried about Hest then… #HestNO

    I don’t think Windfall is dead – crispy round the edges, yes; pissed off, very yes. I hadn’t really considered them coming for revenge, but… well, it’s not like they don’t know where Vintage and co are likely to end up. Hurry home, Noon.

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