February 2019 Recap: I Can Do This

So I blinked and missed February. Huh.

Not a lot got written about this month (thanks, Anxiety), but I’m telling myself that this is OK. My disposition is a bit sunnier now, and plans are being made! Let’s take a quick look at what February did.



So if you follow this hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find myself and a bunch of very cool people group-reading our way through Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series, and answering some discussion questions put forth by @foxesfairytale. It’s a new reread in a series of rereads for me, but for some others it’s a first experience of my favourite urban fantasy world, and I must say I am living for all the newbie reactions!

We read the second book in the series, A Local Habitation, in February, and March will see us tackling one of my all-time favourites, An Artificial Night. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the group makes of this one…

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Still being torn to emotional pieces by – I mean reading – this trilogy by Laini Taylor, and while I had a head full of cotton wool for most of February, resulting in a rather resounding failure to write good words, let me just assure you all that I have finished reading Days of Blood and Starlight, and AAAAAAAAH OMG.

Once again, I was blindsided by the ending here, and I am absolutely DYING to get to the third and final book and find out just WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

I just. This world. These people. All of the war. THE WAR, YOU GUYS. *Sobbing*

Kingdom of Copper

Speaking of epic wars, amazing fantasy worlds and characters that make me yell at them. THIS BOOK.

S.A. Chakraborty’s follow-up to the equally amazing City of Brass, and the second book in her Daevabad Trilogy. is turning out to be one of those books I just can’t stand to put down. I haven’t quite finished yet, but I think I tore through about 300 pages last night alone. Who needs sleep?

… Me. I do. I need sleep, unfortunately. But my waking hours at present are all about this insane drama. And it is insane. Some of the political details are still proving difficult to pin down, and this is a problem that City of Brass presented for me as well, but honestly, I’m having such a good time letting the story run away with me that I don’t really mind too much. I think I’ve yelled at just about every protagonist in the damn story at this point. I love it.

Dungeons & Dragons

I have officially begun playing in a campaign! Our sessions are online since we’re scattered across Scotland/Canada/the USA, but we’ve got a homebrew game going thanks to our marvellously imaginative DM, and I get to fulfill the role of our party’s Tank and be the one who, hopefully, will fuck the most shit up. We had our first session just last weekend, in which we fought some malevolent bushes and I got accidentally spanked by our bard when she tried to use a book as a weapon. Now we’re down in a haunted mine, about to attack/be attacked by sentient darkness??

Level 1, baby. I am scared and excited.



4 comments On February 2019 Recap: I Can Do This

  • Congrats on a new D&D group! I’m running a bardic archeologist in a new Pathfinder group and am desperate for our next session.

    Lani Taylor is an author I definitely mean to check out, one day I will get to her books. Your words (or lack thereof) certainly encourage me!

  • February always goes by unbelievably fast! You wouldn’t think a couple of days would make such a difference.

    Sounds like you’ve had a really busy reading month. I’m sorry anxiety has been getting in the way of writing but hopefully March will be a fresh start 😊

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