Announcing Spooktastic Reads!

I have been conspiring of late with my Wyrd & Wonder co-hosts, and we have an awesome thing in the works. Intrigued? Then read on.

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With Halloween looming close, all spooky and full of sweets and treats (no tricks!), I am super excited to bring you news of a seasonal mini-event under the banner of Wyrd & Wonder, the online fantasy celebration event that had its first month-long run back in May. Jorie, imyril and I had been bouncing around the notion of a few mini-events here and there ever since, and we’ve decided to get the ball rolling on that with a Halloween special edition!

The idea is pretty straightforward. The event will run from October 18th up to the 31st (for 13 days, because we’re nerds and we like the nod to superstition), and it’s open to whoever wants to take part. All you need to do is pick a fantasy book (or piece of short fiction, or heck, even a movie if that’s your bag) with a spooky/scary flavour, read it, and review/tweet/discuss your pick. And if 13 days is enough time, you can even pick two books! Or more! It is completely up to you. 

Your choice can be anything within the “spooky fantasy” spectrum, too! You want urban fantasy with actual spooks and monsters, go for it! Got a dark fantasy you’re keen on? Have at it! A horror story with supernatural elements? Bring it. The underworld’s your oyster. Or something.

There’s no official sign-up required – all you need is social media access. We’re using the hashtag #SpooktasticReads, and remember to tag @wyrdandwonder if you’re tweeting stuff. We want to revel in all your Halloween revelries! The graphic posted above is also available for your use – just please remember to credit the photo! (See caption.)

I think that’s pretty much it for info. 

#SpooktasticReads. October 18th – 31st. Tag us. Let’s do this.

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