August Recap: Down, But Not Out

So. August happened. Not much else did, unfortunately… But I’m fighting the blues brought on by that fact, and I did get some things read! Let’s recap.

What’s Up?

So my sense of purpose went wandering over the last month, which naturally brought on some stress, and I think we can all guess what follows. My motivation tanks, I get stressed about it, stress overtakes any recovery efforts and I end up focusing far too much on other things that don’t really matter because at least I can do something about those… Happy times, folks. 

But several deep breaths have been taken, along with careful stock of Things To Do That Are Actually Beneficial, and now I have a list of things to prioritise instead of scrambling to just do something, anything, oh god there’s so much! Lists are my friend. My ability to stick to them is a work in progress, but darnit, my mental health is at stake. So, one thing at a time. On the upside, though, I’m finally turning my attention to decorating the very sadly barren flat I’ve been living in for four years. Having an Introvert Cave that I actually enjoy holing up in will surely be an improvement! Further updates on that as they come…

What Are You Reading?

Thankfully, as I mentioned, despite having not actually posted anything since the last recap, I did get through some books! Here’s what got read in August:

  • Dead Air (Season One, Episode One): Night of the Screaming Horses, by Gwenda Bond – Definitely enjoying this new “programme” from Serial Box. I do occasionally enjoy a good mystery, and the cold case-style approach to this is a definite hook for me. I’ve gotten a bit behind on the weekly episode releases, but this just means more to enjoy while I play catch-up! Bring it.
  • The Radical Element, by Jessica Spotswood (Editor) – This is the second Tyranny of Petticoats anthology, and was high on my list of I Want That books. I definitely enjoyed it overall, though on a story-by-story level it wasn’t quite pushing my buttons the way the first anthology did. Still, I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys their feminist fiction with a bit of historical flavour.
  • In the Hand of the Goddess (The Song of the Lioness #2), by Tamora Pierce – I’ve been reading this quartet along with some close friends, and while the weekly read-and-review method got somewhat disrupted, we have finished the second book and I’m working on getting my hands on the third. I have Thoughts about Book 2, which I will hopefully be sharing in a proper review soon!
  • The Tethered Mage (Fire and Swords #1), by Melissa Caruso – This will definitely get a review just as soon as I find the words, because YOU GUYS THIS BOOK WAS SURPRISINGLY AWESOME. I say “surprisingly” because I honestly did not expect to get as much joy from reading it as I did, but OH THE JOY. I went out and bought the second book in the series pretty much as soon as I finished this one, and I cannot wait to get stuck in. MOAR PLEASE.

So I’m more or less in a limbo of sorts regarding what I’m reading at the moment. I still have Den Patrick’s Witchsign on deck, and I started reading Lost Gods by Micah Yongo, though that is taking its time about grabbing my attention … We’ll see how those get on. Hopefully I can finish at least one, some time soon! 

What’s Next?

Good question, because whatever might be happening behind the scenes, there is always more to read around here, heh! Here’s what got added to the pile over the last few weeks:

  • Tremontaine, Season 4, Episodes 1-4 (ARCs) – Guys, the final season of my beloved serial is almost upon us. I am so, so not ready to say goodbye. But there is nothing on this earth that will keep me from keeping up with my Riverside loves. It’s going to be hard. And probably sad. And I’ll probably scream at everybody during this season at least once? But I will always have the novels to cushion the blow afterward, and I’m definitely looking forward to revisiting those after having gone through all of this – I mean, reading Tremontaine. 
  • Salvation, by Peter F. Hamilton (ARC) – So I actually now have TWO copies of this. I got an advance copy a while back, and more recently got a finished hardcover in the post, both from the publisher. So I guess I’d better take the hint from the universe, open my door to a new-to-me author, and get on this one already! It sounds pretty interesting, and as I’m currently in that empty space (hah) between Expanse novels, this sounds like a good way to satisfy my epic space opera hunger. 
  • The True History of the Strange Brigade (ed. David Thomas Moore) – This one was an impulse buy from a random/routine visit to Waterstones, but … I mean. Just look at that blurb. It pushes all my buttons. I’m not even swayed by the video game tie-in thing; it just sounds like a really fun thing to read. And there’s a Cassandra Khaw story in there. Guys. Come on now.
  • The Dreaming Stars (Axiom #2) by Tim Pratt – So this is one of three review copies I’ve received recently from Angry Robot, and it’s a sequel, but I suspect this is another case of the universe telling me to get on with reading these books because I also have a review copy of the first book. It seems that my reading choices for this year’s Sci-Fi Month are being made for me? Which I am certainly not going to complain about, heh!
  • Daughters of Forgotten Light, by Sean Grigsby – another AR review copy, and this one has a fascinating sort of Bitch Planet vibe, judging by the synopsis. Time will tell if it can follow through, but I’m looking forward to finding out!
  • Hidden Sun, by Jaine Fenn – Angry Robot present number three, this is billed as a science fantasy novel, which always peaks my interest! It’s the first in a new series, and it sounds delicious. 

So there you have it, and here we are. It is September 1st, I have much to do, much to read, and only so many hours in a day – but my determination to use them more wisely is so far holding steady. Let’s see how I do.

And on a final note, because I’m being very firm with myself from now on about promoting it properly – if you’d like to support me here, I have a Ko-fi page! Check it out, and if you’re up for showing support, it is thoroughly appreciated.

Until next time – peace out, nerds.

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