Spooktastic Reads 2019

The nerd beacons are lit! Wyrd & Wonder calls for aid! And your TBR will (hopefully) answer.

I admit it feels a little odd to be announcing this in the middle of a summer heatwave, but screw it – the team at Wyrd & Wonder are nothing if not excitable, and we’re already making plans. So it seems only fair to give you lot a chance to do the same.

Announcing Spooktastic Reads 2019!



For those who might be new to it, here’s the rundown:

What’s Spooktastic Reads?

It’s a little-sister event we began holding last year, to follow Wyrd & Wonder in May. I like to put seasonal spins on my reading, and we were discussing the prospect of having to come down from the main event and wait a whole year to do it again, and we decided there was no reason we had to! Thus we came up with Spooktastic Reads.

Where Wyrd & Wonder runs for a full month, Spooktastic Reads only lasts thirteen days, ending on Halloween. As the name and the timing suggests, the focus of this mini nerd-fest is spooky fantasy!

What do you mean by ‘spooky fantasy’?

As with our main event, we like to keep our definition of genre as broad as possible. So when we say ‘spooky fantasy’, we mean any sort of fantasy story (or film, TV show or comic!) that has a spooky flavour to it. From vampires and werewolves to dark fantasy to cosmic horror, we welcome it all!

Sounds good, how do I take part?

You show up! It’s as simple as that. Unlike Wyrd & Wonder there’s no official sign-up process for this event; all you need is a reading list, social media access and/or a blog, and you’re set! Our host presence is largely on Twitter but we also welcome contributions via Instagram, Litsy, Tumblr etc – if you can link us to your content, we shall check it out!

You can find us, your hosts, on Twitter via the @wyrdandwonder handle, or individually – @deargeekplace (I also have Litsy and Instagram accounts under the same user name), @imyril and @joriestory.

The hashtag for the event is, of course, #SpooktasticReads.

Can I use your blog header?

You certainly can! Feel free to take it for your own use, or come up with your own if that’s your desire. BUT. If you do use the banner I’ve posted here, I only ask that you remember to credit the original artist (details can be found below).


I think that covers it for now, though of course if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Now to get on with sorting out my reading/watching lists. See you in October!



Header image: Lisa @deargeekplace

Photo: Kenai Fjords National Park, United States, byΒ Daniel H. TongΒ onΒ Unsplash

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