Fall back: October 2019 recap

So October was a bit of a ‘down’ month rather than ‘up’, on the Big Fun Mental Health Rollercoaster – but we’re heading for another ‘up’ so buckle in, there will probably be excited screaming!

What’s Going On?


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The Poison Song Read-along concluded earlier this month. Dear reader, all the tears were cried. This book (heck, this trilogy) is definitely going on my list of absolute favourites, and it will likely not take me very long to come back to it for a reread. Hats off to Jen Williams for WRECKING ME SO THOROUGHLY.

I reviewed Angel Mage by Garth Nix as part of the Gollancz blog tour, and a good reading time was had!

Our second annual Spooktastic Reads went pretty well, despite my own reading plans dragging their heels to a frustrating degree – but we had some good participation, and I’ll get it next time. And its little dog too!*

*No dogs will be harmed in the enjoyment of Spooktastic Reads.

What’s Next?



YEAH BABY. Sci-Fi Month is right around the corner, and I am gearing up for it. I have what is probably quite an ambitious TBR picked out, but I’m ready to tackle it with enthusiasm! Look out for my Sci-Fi Month opening post on Friday to see what I’ve pulled from the shelves, and get a look at what else will be on my SF nerd agenda for November!

Beyond November, things will be quieting down here until after Christmas, while I tackle the annual landslide of work while trying to keep my house in some kind of order and getting sleep the rest of the time. Oh yeah, and celebrating my birthday somewhere in all that madness as well! One year closer to forty, and fewer fucks to give. That’s how you do it, right?

Nine Hearths

OK so remember when I said our party was going to investigate the apparent sabotage of the communications/watch outposts at the edge of our land? Well, we did, and things exploded. It wasn’t us this time, though. Our long-time enemies, the Resplendent Dominion (badass name, right?) have been up to some sort of magical experimentation near the border with our land, and … something went wrong and left a massive crater in the ground, with a very surprised-looking Dominion dude frozen in … glass? … at the centre of it. So there we were, trying to avoid being discovered by a bunch of Dominion also investigating (trying to dig their unfortunate buddy out?) when their camp blows up and this one guy comes running out of the whole mess and of course the only thing to do is intercept him, right?

So nobody on our side knows we’re out there, things are exploding and now we’ve got a prisoner. I’m sure this will all be fine.

I love this game. And I haven’t even used any spells yet.

One Last Thing

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