If you go down to the woods… Announcing Wyrd & Wonder 2022!

I know May is a while away yet, but GUYS. We have some special announcements that have us already excited at Wyrd & Wonder HQ. Keep reading for the first of our info drops for this year’s event…


First of all, if anyone is wondering “what’s Wyrd & Wonder?” – welcome! Wyrd & Wonder is an annual online celebration of all things fantasy, where a party of avid readers/bloggers come together to share enthusiasm for the genre. It can and does cover a rainbow of subgenres, mediums, art forms etc. – books, movies, TV shows, art, comics and graphic novels, even music! And it’s not limited to blogging either – we have a strong Twitter following, with livetweets and chats to entertain us, and we’re open to other social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Litsy etc.

The event runs throughout the month of May, with co-hosts imyril, Jorie and myself keeping everyone up to speed on party content with weekly round-ups. If this sounds like a good time and you want in, our 2022 sign-up is officially open – and if you’re familiar with this process, don’t worry; we will have giveaways to entice you as per usual! We’ll have more information on those a bit later on.

Speaking of our hosts, however – this year we’re shaking things up as part of Wyrd & Wonder’s fifth birthday with two new co-hosts! We’re absolutely delighted to have veteran Wyrd & Wonder participants Annemieke of A Dance With Books and Ariana of The Quaint Book Nook coming on board to help us organise the event this year.

Yes, that’s right – I said fifth birthday! Wyrd & Wonder is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, and it tickles me that we’re marking the occasion by bringing the number of co-hosts up to five.

Speaking of the significance of five – because anniversary tradition says that wood symbolises the fifth, we’re going for a forest fantasy theme this year! My annual read along is yet to be properly announced, which I’ll do in our next proper update, but there will be a forest fantasy-themed book to enjoy this year! I’m currently investigating options and not to tease too hard, but there might already be a standout contender…

I said sign-up was open, and I meant it! You can click through to our sign-up form to get in early, though it’ll remain open right up until May 1st so you absolutely don’t have to rush. You can also grab a banner and help us make some noise – just remember to please credit the artist!






I think that’s it for the moment, but we’ll be back in April with more plans! Stay tuned, adventurers…


IMAGE CREDIT: Wolf by chic2view on 123RF.com

This artwork has been licensed for use for this event online. You are welcome to use our banners, but we ask that you refrain from making any changes except to resize as needed.

3 comments On If you go down to the woods… Announcing Wyrd & Wonder 2022!

  • Hooray, happy fifth anniversary to Wyrd & Wonder! I shall start contemplating my TBR… I am sure I have many books to read that will fit the theme.

  • Yes so excited šŸ˜€

  • Hallo, Hallo Lisa,

    I’m slowly making my rounds – as I wanted to spend time on each of our blogs and I’ll be resharing the tweets over the weekend — however, I’m just wicked excited we finally could announce what we’ve been discussing!! I hinted towards a few things on my post – like a proper teaser and I shared what I thought might hook/interest someone to know about our 5th Year whilst I’m looking forward to revealling a bit more on my end of it in March. Esp as I’m hoping I’ll have one of the authors locked in, etc and can make it official by the 5th.

    I’m so thankful we’re focusing on Forest Fantasy this year… it is a subniche I personally love myself! šŸ™‚

    Crossing my fingers about your plans for the RAL… hoping its a book I can handle…

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