Dear Geeks: Announcing Wyrd & Wonder 2024!

We’re (coming) back, baby. Let’s go on another adventure, shall we?

Excited? Curious? Confused? Read on for more!


What’s Wyrd and Wonder, precious?

Wyrd and Wonder is an annual, month-long event beginning on May 1st, in which we celebrate the fantasy genre in all of its glorious shapes and forms. Reviews, features, lists, discussions, group read alongs, social media chatter – we do it all! And you can too!

How do I join?

The short answer is: any way you like, but we do have an official sign-up form! This will grant you access to our master schedule, which is where participants can share links to whatever they’re posting, wherever they’re posting it. This, in turn, makes life much easier for us nerdy but often beleaguered hosts, and we’re all for that really.

What’s on the menu?

Regular features of the event include a daily prompt challenge, usually posted on our Instagram (@wyrdandwonder), but it’s absolutely open to anyone wanting to take a prompt and run to their social media of choice, or even to their blog to write some stuff! Then there’s the annual Read Along, organised by yours truly – and I have plans in the works for this year, but you’ll hear more about that in our April update, so look out for that!

In addition, we like to have a theme to play with for the event, and this year we’ve gone with Comfort Zones! We feel like this is suitably open to interpretation, which we always appreciate, but at the same time we suspect a lot of people could use a good opportunity to get comfortable and enjoy a little safe haven, however virtual, away from <waves hand> everything out there. So take the theme however you like! If you want to get cosy for a few weeks, go for it! We’ll get the pillow fort ready. If you’d rather try stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something less familiar, heck it, good for you! We’re here for that too.

Where can I find all this chatter and treasure? 

We have a dedicated social media account on Instagram, as mentioned, and we’re also largely migrating to Bluesky this year now that it’s fully opened its doors (sorry Twitter, you were awesome once but … it’s not us, it’s you). You can find us on Bluesky using the same handle, We’ll be boosting all the signals we can over there, but don’t worry if you miss anything – we’ll be making use of links added to our master schedule to bring you weekly round-ups of everyone’s contributions, too!

In addition, we have a dedicated Discord server, OtherWorlds, for more in-depth conversation and even more chatter. If you’d like an invite over there, let me know (or @deargeekplace on Instagram).

Sounds good! What else is there?

Art, baby! We love a good promotional banner/social media button here in this metaphorical but cosy tavern-like corner of the internet, and this year is no exception. BEHOLD.





If you haven’t yet expired from the cute, feel free to use our art for your posts, or to share on socials – the only thing we ask, as always, is that you remember to credit the artist (attribution is below), and please don’t make any changes except to resize.

That’s it for now, I think! So, will you be joining us? Do let us know!


Image attribution: Black dragon by Ehtisham Sajid | Orange dragon by Elena Zakharchuk




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