Wyrd and Wonder Round-up, Part 2: The book bag of holding

Week 2 has flown by, and what a week it’s been! You’ve all been nose-deep in fantasy reading, and I love to see it. Let’s take a look at what’s been selected from the shelves this week!


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Interviews & Guest Posts


*Falls over* Whew, that’s a lot of content! And that’s only the half that I’m covering – don’t forget to check out There’s Always Room For One More, where imyril will be rounding up your lists, discussions, read-alongs and other randomness!

Keep up the good work, adventurers. Now, onward to our third outing…

2 comments On Wyrd and Wonder Round-up, Part 2: The book bag of holding

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  • Hallo, Hallo Lisa,

    You did a SMASHING job — it will be my turn this week to join in the festivities of doing our challenge wrap-ups — however, I had a lean week myself on the reading front. Oy. I also started working regular hours again which took a bit of a dip in my hours to read but honestly, I just had a series of DNFs that forestalled my progress. Its been an interesting year for me on that front but I was more blessed to realise I’m still migraine-free! First May in four years, imagine!?

    Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch-up on this week — which is awesome!! 🙂

    Thanks for compiling everything for us, I love these adventure logs so much!!

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