Precisely when I mean to: Welcome to Wyrd and Wonder!

I may be late, but I am … some kind of wizard. Probably the weird trash variety.

It’s May. That means it is officially time for Wyrd and Wonder – and the second of my two celebratory giveaways!



About a week ago I announced a pre-launch giveaway for folks in the UK, to celebrate the beginning of our fourth(!) annual fantasy extravaganza. That giveaway has now closed but fear not! I will be running an extra special month-long giveaway, for international participants, to win their choice of one of this year’s Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards fantasy nominees (novel OR novella!).

To be clear: this giveaway is also for those participants who have signed up for the event and are posting, either on a blog or by way of social media, and who live outside the UK or the US. If yours is a country that The Book Depository ships to, you’re in with a chance!

The rules are pretty simple. You have the remainder of May to make yourself eligible, and all that takes is being an official participant. That means you can still sign up at any point during the month of May, and your name will go into the hat.

But please note that I will require active participation – no giveaway accounts will be considered eligible.

If/when you’ve done that, drop a comment below this post or tag me on Twitter @deargeekplace, using the hashtag #WyrdAndWonder (remember your capitalisation please), and let me know where you’ll be celebrating from! And if you’re commenting below, be sure to include your social media handle so I know where to find you.

And that’s it! One month, all the fantasy geekness you can throw at us (and each other, this is a lovely nerdy community after all), and you might get a prize at the end of it all. Because I appreciate you all immensely.

Right. Let’s get adventuring!


IMAGE CREDIT: Banner by imyril; images by Svetlana Alyuk on

NOTE: the pegasus images are not royalty-free, but they are licensed for use to promote Wyrd and Wonder online. You are welcome to use the banners on your blog and social profiles, but please do not make any changes (except to resize as needed).

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