What a (Wyrd and) Wonderful World

Today is the day, folks! Wyrd and Wonder 2: The Wyrdening is finally, actually upon us! It all kicks off here, and I cannot wait to see what everyone gets up to. It’s going to be an awesome month-long party, I know it!

What am I up to, you ask? Well, let’s see…

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Storming the Castles!

imyril and I are bringing you not one, but TWO read-alongs this year, because apparently we believe in “go big or go home”. And possibly also in “mild meltdowns due to forgetfulness add excitement!”.

Totally not referring to myself, there. Honest.

The Ninth Rain is the first book in Jen Williams’ second (and now complete) trilogy, The Winnowing Flame, and Trail of Lightning is the first book (and debut, Hugo Award-nominated novel!) in Rebecca Roanhorse’s The Sixth World series. I’m an established fan of Jen Williams, having read and loved her first trilogy (beginning with The Copper Promise), but Rebecca Roanhorse is a new-to-me author in terms of having read her work before. I am super excited to get into both these books!

If you’d like to join us for either or even both of these read-alongs, the door’s open! You can check out the schedules on imyril’s blog, and stay tuned for possible Twitter Q&A/discussions too!

Special Guests!

I’ve opened my doors to a few fantasy writers this year, to get them chatting about their favourite tropes in fantasy. Tropes are the topic of much conflicting discussion, it seems, but two things that seem clear to me are a) they get a bad rep; and b) everyone’s got their favourites, regardless. So you’ll get some contributions to that discussion that shed a bit more sparkly, positive light on fantasy tropes instead of criticising them!

Look out for those posts on each Friday of the month, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have!

Shameless Shilling!

With my schedule already looking so busy, and in an effort to at least try to go easy on myself this month, I’ll be replacing full-blown book reviews with a thread of bite-sized book reviews/reading livetweets/enthusiastic recommendations on Twitter, which you can find on my own account (@deargeekplace) and using the hashtag #wyrdandwonder. I’ll be starting that party tomorrow, and adding to it as I read throughout the month. I’ve already got a couple of really good recs for you guys. Your TBRs may well hate me. It’ll be glorious.

Top Ten Tuesday!

My contributions to this weekly feature have been sporadic at best, but this month is going to be different. Thanks to the gathering of potential fantasy-themed list prompts we’ve got, I’ll be putting together a post for this every week in May! And my chosen topics are already keeping me busy. They’re gonna be good.

Stay Hydrated!

Man, this month is going to be off the rails. But I can’t wait. I’m excited to see what you all bring to the table, and I will be doing my best as a co-host to boost signals and leave comments and generally share in the online excitement. So tag me, tag @wyrdandwonder, tag my co-hosts, don’t forget the hashtag, and let’s celebrate!





12 comments On What a (Wyrd and) Wonderful World

  • Thank you so much for organizing Wyrd and Wonder and all the readalongs. Thanks to you guys, I finally read Trail of Lighning after having it on my shelf for over a year.

  • Hallo, Hallo dear Lisa!

    I meant to travel back to this post yesterday afternoon but I just never made it! lol After having a bit of a nod of disappointment seeking out the Lightning book for the RAL I decided to sidestep the other novel completely. Try as I might I think both are slightly outside what I would normally read and I’d rather focus on the stories on my shelves right now… I’ll flutter in and out of the posts about them as it is nice to see what people are saying even if I can’t read the books myself – sometimes someone will blog something just as interesting as if I had and I feel like I can take something away after all. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your shameless plugging of the stories we desperately need to be reading!! I am going to be doing those kind of tweets myself – I wanted to start this week but (*allergies) so I’ll start this new 2nd week instead! It is a fun way to encourage people to read what your reading… love doing it myself…

    I haven’t finalised my guests yet — need to get hoppin’ on that tbh and I haven’t pulled together the whole layout of what I’m posting even though I have a rough draft of what I want to do and when – it might change a bit as nothing is truly fixed and unmovable. In essence I haven’t read nor blogged ahead – so everything I share is going to be read or blogged during our event instead! 🙂

    Eek. Between you, me and Imyril it is hard to tell whose more bouncy and excited!?

    I dearly heart hosting with you – it is such a wicked awesome way to celebrate friendship & mutual love of SpecLit!

    Here’s to a rockin’ event!!

  • Looking forward to this month, thank you so much for organizing!

  • This sounds like it’s going to be so fun! I may have to jump into that Trail of Lightning read-a-long- I’ve been wanting to try that one.

    Have a great month!

  • Can I hydrate with a glass of red wine?

    …too late, I’ve got a glass of red wine.


    • Hey. Water, wine … something something Jesus yeah have at it. 😀

      Hydrate responsibly, folks.

    • I used to love drinking red wine — naughty pollen allergies – although, I have developed a new appreciation for white wines – including the elusive Pino Giorgio !! Now, if only I had some on hand?! I’m literally drowning in coffee – says the girl who took Lisa’s advice the other day about how much java we ought to be drinking for #WyrdAndWonder!! lol

  • Yeay it is finally time. I’m going to finally finish the copper cat trilogy this month and readalong with The Ninth Rain. I’m so excited. 😀

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