April Recap: Ready To Storm The Castles!

Well, that was a month. There were no book reviews, since I am up to my ears in trying to prepare for Wyrd and Wonder, but I did get some fun little side things in, and elsewhere everything is excitement!

Let’s look at what April brought…

On The Blog

It really was a light month, blogging-wise, but I made one of my semi-regular contributions to #TopTenTuesday with a post about my favourite Rainy Day Reads (or comfort reads, as I chose to interpret it!).

I also took a little side quest in the form of A Book Blogger’s A to Z! Check out my nerdy alphabet.

Elsewhere, I shed some light on a (now fully funded, yay!) Kickstarter campaign by artist and editor Laura Christensen, Then Again: Vintage Photography Reimagined By One Artist And Thirty Writers. There’s still a couple of days to pledge your support, and I’m so pleased to see this campaign succeeding!


This month saw us reading Late Eclipses, the fourth book in the (Hugo Award-nominated!) October Daye series, with questions put forth by @foxesfairytale on Twitter. Follow the hashtag to check out my answers, and some fun discussion, largely involving cats? Cats are a thing here, and not just because everybody loves Tybalt.

… Everybody Loves Tybalt. That sounds like a hilarious spin-off show.

Next up on the Toby reading list is one of my favourite books in the series, One Salt Sea. If you’re a fan of these books and haven’t discovered our group read yet, get in here!

The Vela

… is temporarily on hold here, review-wise, while I get my fantasy nerd hat on for Wyrd and Wonder. But don’t worry – hopefully I will be stockpiling reviews in the meantime, and the regular programming will resume in June!

Wyrd and Wonder

Speaking of our annual fantasy-fest, it is ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY WHAT.

And if our excitement levels behind the scenes weren’t already fizzy enough, we are now up to NEARLY FIFTY PARTICIPANTS. And sign-ups don’t close on May 1st, so you can still join the ranks any time! And it isn’t even required! This tea party is open to all, regardless of your commitment level! But if you would like to sign up, here’s a reminder of how you can do that.

We’ve got Read-Alongs! Reviews! Special Guests! Photo/blog challenges! And anything else your fantasy-loving heart might desire! We’re not about rules or restrictions, around here. Just good clean* nerdy fun!


Dungeons and Dragons

So it feels like my party and I waited AGES for the third session in our homebrew game to roll around, but it was well worth the wait! We chilled out a bit after a hectic first two games with a seasonal celebration (my fighter seems to like her drink…), some complicated personal mysteries to solve (will Naivara – that’s me – find her missing aunt? Will she ever find out why she went missing?!), and a new mission might find the party dealing with an incursion across their borders by their Sworn Enemies!

What’s with all the birds, though?

Lessons learned in this session: Sticking your hand into mysterious holes in tunnel walls may not be a good idea (even if your other fighter did it with a quarterstaff first). Prying bricks away from them with crowbars without making absolutely sure they won’t explode is definitely not a good idea.

But, hey. Now we know. And that definitely means there’s something interesting in there, right? Right.


On that somewhat dubious note, I will leave you here to get back to the insane amount of prep work I still need to do before May 1st!

BRING ME YOUR FANTASTICAL MASSES. See you in a day or two…


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