Top Ten Tuesday: One Day, All This Will Be Mine

It’s time for another List of Awesome Things, and today I’m taking a short rest away from all the Sci-Fi Month madness to share a few items from my wishlist. Today’s prompt is “bookish merch I’d like to own”, and for once I have actually been picky! (Translation: I didn’t make it to ten items! Let’s hear it for being particular, for once, heh!)

Let’s go shopping.



Litographs infinity scarf, inspired by Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint

I love Ellen’s novels. I absolutely adore her Tremontaine serial. This scarf is printed with endless text from the book that started it all, and I have wanted one for so long.


Feeglespotting T-shirt, inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld (Wee Free Men)

So if you didn’t know I’m a huge Discworld fan, I AM A HUGE DISCWORLD FAN. And I bloody love the Nac Mac Feegles. I need this.


The Mighty Nein T-shirt, inspired by Critical Role (Campaign 2)

Critter for life. If there are any other fans of this amazing RPG show out there, make yourselves known! I am so hooked on this, I can’t even. This T-shirt is to die for.


Basically any of these Broken Circle bracelets, from Kit Rocha’s Market Square

I only recently started reading Kit Rocha’s Beyond series, and while I thought I knew what I was in for, I was proved fantastically wrong – and now I’m hooked. Learning that there is handmade merch inspired by this world and the people in it just made it so much more awesome. I can’t decide which one I want more, so take a look for yourself. And hey, if it’s your thing, read the books too.


So those are my top-shelf items, as it were. What’s on your geeky wish list?



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