The Ninth Rain Read Along, Part Four

The Ninth Rain has fallen, the stakes have been raised, and we find out why Vintage left so abruptly. And I have been flailing SO HARD.

Let’s discuss the final chapters of The Ninth Rain! (With spoilers!)

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The revival of Ygseril does not quite go according to anyone’s plan… Were you surprised by what happened in the Hall of Roots? For that matter, what do you make of Hestillion’s chosen course of action?

No to the first part, WHAT THE HELL, HESTILLION to the second!

I had kind of guessed what was going on with Ygseril, where the Jure’lia were concerned. I suspected that the tree’s fate had become tied up with the queen’s somehow, so I was not surprised to learn that she’d been trapped/hiding there. But I loved that Ygseril’s response to her reappearance was to bring forth another ‘harvest’ of war beasts! They might not be up to full strength, but in hindsight that also doesn’t surprise me. Things need to look suitably grim for our heroes before the epic final battle, right?

As for Hest. I just. WHAT IS SHE DOING?!

So I was off the mark about how she’d respond to what happened. But I’m not sure “They can’t be entirely unreasonable, I should try to talk them down!” is really a better response. I mean, she basically made herself a hostage for the Jure’lia to hold over Tor’s head.

Though, that’s assuming that Tor will see it that way. Is he going to stay his hand on his sister’s account? I am learning to love him but I’m not sure he’s going to be quite that sentimental…?


We also learn Vintage’s reason for leaving so suddenly, and there’s a reunion in her cards! How do you feel about her departure now that she’s been reunited with Nanthema?

I’m still not sure I approve of her departure, to be honest. It was rather abrupt; we weren’t really given any forewarning, and so it felt a bit jarring to me. In terms of a standard ‘epic adventure’ equation, it makes sense; the party always gets divided at some point, in order to come back together later, having grown stronger and wiser and ready for the big fight. I hope that’s what’s going on here, even while I feel a tiny bit cynical about the sense of ‘by the numbers’ that I’m getting from that development, here.

On the other hand, we learn that Nanthema is still alive, and we do indeed get a reunion! I have no idea what benefits she might bring to the party, but setting all that aside, I am happy that Vintage got her back – and I’m hoping that whatever else she might provide, Nanthema can eventually make Vintage see that perhaps running off and abandoning her friends when they needed her was a selfish thing to do…


The Ninth Rain has fallen, and the truth about the parasite spirits is revealed. What’s your take on Noon having bonded with a war beast? 


I hadn’t even considered that explanation for the parasite spirits, but it absolutely twisted my feelings up in knots. THOSE POOR BABIES. *Cries forever*

Yes, I am now emotional over spirits who went around literally turning people inside out. Yes, I consider Jen Williams an evil genius for making that possible.

Which brings us to Noon. I wasn’t ready for the revelation about the parasite spirits, and so I was not ready for what that meant for her, and her mental bond with the one she took energy from. But it turned into something SO. COMPLETELY. AWESOME. I can’t even. NOON HAS A DRAGON FRIEND.

That’s it. That’s my whole take on it at this point. Cue excited flailing.



Any other thoughts, reactions, theories about what follows?

Heh, given how easily this book surprised me, I am happy to leave the theories to others going forward. I just want to know all the things! You can bet I’ll be getting hold of The Bitter Twins as soon as possible! I am so not done with this series…

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