Saying farewell: A (final!) Wyrd and Wonder Quest Log

Well, we’ve reached the end of May, and thus the end of another wildly successful Wyrd and Wonder! Before I get all emotional, let’s take a look back over the final week of our celebration and see what chatty content got turned out!

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You lot kept the lists going strong this week! Here’s a rundown of the countdowns:

Fantastic opening lines from favourite books were on the minds of Jess at Jessticulates, and Beth of Beth’s Bookish Thoughts, for Top Ten Tuesday;

Also for Top Ten Tuesday, DeeZee at Dragons & Zombies looked at some books with single-word titles, while Annemieke at A Dance With Books gave things a twist by taking on 5-star Books in 5 Words;

Annemieke also dove into the world of urban fantasy to share some series she’s getting into;

Sia at Every Book a Doorway gave some fanfare to her favourite dragons in fantasy (huzzah!), and also shared her favourite reads of 2020 so far;

Caitlin at Realms of My Mind also served up a double helping, with some recommendations in defence of 3-star books, and 5 summer fantasy(ish) reads;

Mayri at Book Forager threw us a Fantasy Dinner Party, while Louise at Foxes and Fairytales gave us a rundown of 10 books by BAME authors she wants to read;

Allison Alexander listed 8 books with sick and disabled characters, and Lila at Hardcover Haven gave us 5 fantasy books that deal with mental health;

Anouk at Time For Tales and Tea selected 4 stand-alone fantasy books to recommend;

The Fantasy Hive tackled those fantasy creatures less glamorous and brought us their Top 5 worms;

Mervi at Mervi’s Book Reviews got a little bit meta, and highlighted 3 fantasy series about books;

And on the discussion side of things, Jess returned with a Harry Potter fangirl argument in defence of the Tonks women;

and Peat Long discussed epic fantasy vs. high fantasy.

In our interview nook, co-host Jorie had the goods in a handful of interviews, chatting with Emma S. Jackson, Carolyn Denman, Kathryn Gossow, and K.J. Taylor, as well as presenting a guest post from Rachel Nightingale;

The Fantasy Hive featured an author spotlight on K M Jenkins;

And to round us out, Kriti at Armed With a Book interviewed Ben Gartner.

And in the last week of our readalong for The Goblin Emperor, we shared our final thoughts on the book! (Links will be added as they’re provided.)

Dear Geek Place | There’s Always Room For One More | Book Forager | Foxes and Fairytales | Lynn’s Books | Natrosette | Peat Long | Word Wilderness | Zezee With Books

That’s it for my round-up, but don’t forget to check out There’s Always Room For One More, for a log of our final week’s reviews and random treasure, and check out Jorie Loves A Story for recaps of all our excellent challenge prompt content!

Once again, I just really want to thank everybody who made our third run at this online shindig so much fun. Whether you returned for another year or you participated for the first time, you were greatly appreciated and I hope we see you again at future events!

(Speaking of which, keep an eye on our Twitters for our Halloween mini-event, Spooktastic Reads, in October – and for Wyrd and Wonder’s big sister, SciFi Month, in November!)

Until then: stay safe, stay powerful, stay fabulous. Wash your hands. And keep reading!


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