May 2019 Recap: Wyrd and Wonder

It is May 31st, and I’m wondering where the heck the month went. I mean, I do that a lot anyway – but this month was particularly whirlwind-ish. But it was a lot of fun and I’m a little sad that it’s over!

Let’s look back at what got done.

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The Read Alongs!

THE NINTH RAIN: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

TRAIL OF LIGHTNING: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

The Lists! (Top Ten Tuesday)

Favourite Fantasy Cities

Fantasy Sidekicks

Witches & Wizards

Here Be Dragons

The Guests!

3 Tropes I Love in Fantasy Fiction, by Lynn E. O’Connacht

Six Fantasy Tropes I Love, by Cameron Johnston

My Favourite Tropes in Fiction, by Aliette de Bodard

What Else Is There?

That was it for my blogging efforts for the month, but there was so much more going on besides! I hosted my first Twitter chat on the topic of fantasy tropes, throwing the discussion open to any Wyrd and Wonder adventurers who felt like chatting, and (I hope) a good time was had by all who stopped by to take part!

As for everyone else, my esteemed co-host imyril kept up with a month of wonderful nerdy madness to bring us a Quest Log each week, rounding up participants’ posts. You can check those out below:

Quest Log The First | Quest Log The Second | Quest Log The Third | Quest Log The Fourth 

So… Many… Books…

As predicted, my TBR took some glorious new hits this month. Highlights of the fantasy treasures I plan to plunder, as recommended by my fellow adventurers, include the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones, Magic For Liars by Sarah Gailey (which was already on my list but YAY for affirming enthusiasm!), The Bitter Twins/The Poison Song by Jen Williams (the remainder of The Winnowing Flame Trilogy), and Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan. This is naming but a few of the shiny gems I plan to add to my collection, and I am not sorry. My TBR’s tough enough to take it by now, surely.

I’d Like To Thank…

ALL. OF. YOU. Everybody who signed up to take part, or didn’t sign up but happily took part anyway – we welcomed you all, and we were not sorry. In fact, we were delighted to see our list of participants DOUBLE from last year’s count! It made imyril, Jorie and myself so happy to see a continued success being made of our little nerd-fest, and personally I am super-hyped to bring more awesomeness of this variety back for a third year.

An extra-special thanks go to my guests – Lynn O’Connacht, Cameron Johnston and Aliette de Bodard have my deepest gratitude for their time and their awesome contributions. P.S. – Go and read their work!

What’s Next?

In the immediate sense? A bit of a rest, heh! Following that, I have SO MUCH READING to do. Look out for a return to my serial reviews, which I have certainly not been falling behind on I don’t know what you mean somebody bring me some really strong tea I’m going to need it…

In the longer term, I have agreed with imyril and Jorie that we should bring #SpooktasticReads back for a second outing, as well! Details will be forthcoming, but if you’re interested, mark your calendars for October and keep an eye on the @wyrdandwonder Twitter account…

One Last Thing

If you’ve had fun around here this past month and would like to show support/help me continue to be a massive book nerd/assist me in making it to this year’s Worldcon in Dublin (where I might see you, who knows!), I have a Ko-fi account you can drop a few quid into, with my eternal thanks!








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