Stormy Weather: February 2020 Recap

It’s been a heck of a month, and not really in the best way. Spring is struggling to appear here, and it’s taking a bit of a toll on my moods – but the upside to having to accept being largely stuck indoors for a month is that I get to indulge in all the books/tv/films I can stand!

Let’s review February.

Top Ten Tuesday
Ninth Step Station

… has unfortunately been on hold for a few weeks now, but I still fully intend to continue reading and reviewing the series! I’m just not wired to ‘power through’ whenever I hit a mental slump, and forcing myself to write anything usually only results in frustration. Which is not a happy reading place. So it’s on hold until I get a bit more sunshine in my life, whether metaphorically or literally YES WEATHER I AM LOOKING AT YOU. BLOGGERS GOTTA BLOG YOU KNOW. So rude.


The Deverry Readalong continues apace! I did manage to keep up my reading in this area, having fallen deeply into Darkspell this month. I am working on a review, and should hopefully have it posted here before I start on Dawnspell.


I’m not getting to these films as quickly as I would have liked, but there is another first-watch on the slate – for Tuesday, March 3rd, to be exact!

Time is TBD but the next Studio Ghibli film I watch is going to be Kiki’s Delivery Service! Look out on Twitter for a more exact time, and for livetweet entertainment! The hashtag is, of course, #GhibliWatch.

Nine Hearths

I have not forgotten my efforts to get a neat and tidy recap of my D&D home game adventures written up, but it turns out my note-taking skills leave a bit to be desired, and it’s been a bit trickier than I expected. But it is still in the works, and I hope to have a tasty intro to the campaign so far ready before our next game later in March! Watch this space.

What Now?

Currently on the reading slate (finally!) is The Library of the Unwritten, which I have been eager to get to for a while now – and I can report that it’s going wonderfully so far!

Next after that, given its release this month, is my ARC copy of Sixteenth Watch. After that, however, I predict it may be all fantasy, all the way down for a while – because we are gearing up for …

Wyrd and Wonder 2020

That’s right, adventuring friends. Our celebration of all things fantasy is on the horizon once more, and plans are being put in place. Official sign-ups are open RIGHT HECKIN’ NOW, and as always we welcome any and all fantasy nerds, veteran or new fish! Come into our tavern, pull up a chair by the fireplace and let’s share our love of stories.

(Click the link through to There’s Always Room For One More, for more info and the sign-up link!)


That’s just about it for my recap this time around, but the tea cupboard is stocked, my socks are cosy, and I’m about ready to take on all this greyness once and for all. By goddess, I will make my own sunshine if I must!

One Last Thing

If you’ve enjoyed any of the content I post and would like to show support/help me continue to be a massive book nerd/assist me in keeping the lights on at the Geekhaus, I have a Ko-fi account you can drop a few (entirely voluntary!) quid into, with my eternal thanks!


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