Mission Status Update – Launch

It’s Sunday, and SciFi Month 2019 has only been going for a couple of days but those days have already turned out some good stuff! Let’s take a look at my highlights from our launch!


Photo by Sebastien Decoret on 123RF.com


We’ve had quite an influx of TBR posts (and pics!), and no doubt imyril has rounded up even more – but nonetheless I’ve got quite the bundle!

A good number of Fleet members got in on the planning action, including Avada at Bookish Muggle, Anouk at Time for Tales and Tea, Hannah at I Have Thoughts on Books, Maddalena at Space and Sorcery, Mervi at Mervi’s Book Reviews, Avery at Red Rocket Panda, Louise at Exploring by Starlight, and Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy.

But the fun didn’t stop there! A few of us (including myself) are getting in on the features action ASAP: Lauren at Always Me has a special SciFi Month edition of the Friday 56 and 50/50 Friday features, while Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable weighed in with an SF themed Friday Face-off: Grey covers! And if you missed the (slightly tipsy) livetweet action on Saturday night, you can catch up with my rewatch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by checking out my Twitter thread!

But it’s not all blogging and tweeting, don’t you know. Some folks have taken to Instagram to snap and share some lovely SF themed pics, and a few of my personal favourites include this adorable Wayfarers/Stitch number from @realmsofmymind, a gorgeous shot of the Murderbot Diaries from @signourney, and a (literally) dazzling taste of what @imyril has in store for her month ahead.

That’s it for my first Mission Status report, but don’t forget to check out onemore.org for imyril’s round-up of the first batch of reviews and giveaways, plus her own Instagram highlights! Now, onward to the first week proper…


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  • Hallo, Hallo Lisa!

    *waves!* I am wicked thrilled to be taking my first walkabout the mission status updates you’ve happily provided with Imyril! 🙂 I look forward to these each year and thankfully this year, I’m able to make my rounds a bit sooner than later! Ha! It also helped I sorted out my own thoughts for the event this week – from my #WWWeds sneak-peak at a week by week TBR for #SciFiMonth to my recently released 10 #BookishNotBookish Thoughts of a Sci Fi Geek (which incudes some epic TBR Spine Poetry) and the back-shared Spotlight about the Heaven’s Edge Space Opera novella series which was featured during 2nd November’s first #SatBookChat #SciFiMonth chat!! I also archived the chat, too. *whew!*

    Now, I get to have the most fun after ironing out my plans — diving into the books and sorting out my next posts! Tonight I also felt inspired to draw together a discussion post after visiting with Little Red Reviewer as she was talking about First Contact stories. I want to pull together a post I originally started to share via LibraryThing’s forums.

    Happily clicking through the links and enjoying what I am finding!

    Top cheers to you and Imyril for co-steering us through hyperspace for our 7th year!

    (*) about the 7th Year – I used to degrade the event by a year to coincide with my blog’s years count but then I noticed every November, #SciFiMonth is a ‘year’ ahead of my blog. Hmm. Yet, they were started the same year?

  • Wow SciFi Month is off to a good start- lots of great posts already!

  • Thanks for the shout out! The month is off to a good start!

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