Sci-Fi Month Read Along: The Galaxy, and the Ground Within – Week 1

Hello there, and welcome to the first discussion of The Galaxy, and the Ground Within! Today we’re getting settled in and meeting the characters, maybe speculating a little bit, maybe starting a food debate…?

Let’s discuss. (Note: there may be spoilers below!)


For those readers who are returning to this universe, or who have at least read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet: Are you enjoying the chance to get to know Captain Tem better?

Absolutely. I found her interesting when we first met her in the first of these novels, but given that she wasn’t a central character then, we only learned so much. Now we can dig a bit deeper into who she is, and I’m here for it. More so, because this is a reread and you always pick up on more details the second time around!


Is there a character in particular that you find especially interesting?

At this point I’m going to say Roveg, because he’s clearly hiding something Very Interesting, but also because he is clearly an exception to the apparent rule of being Quelin – by which I mean he is very open and curious about other species and their cultures rather than prejudiced and dismissive of them. I’m always fascinated by these characters and how they handle the baggage of their own culture and people, let alone those of others.


Do you have any thoughts on what the “appointment” is that has Roveg so anxious to leave in time?

To be honest, I don’t remember what the appointment is all about! So I’m curious to be reminded, but something about it makes me wary – I suspect it’s something Roveg is placing more importance on than he perhaps ought to? But I could be wrong! We’ll see.


And, because it’s been brought up by aliens: How do YOU feel about cheese? (And about that scene?)

Look. I love cheese, OK? It is delicious and I like to put it on so many things. Crackers? Of course. Toast? You bet. Pasta? Obviously. Potatoes? Deliciousness. But I never thought of it this particular way before, and of course when these aliens put it that way it’s hard to see how it could be delicious. But I maintain that if they tried it, they would understand. ESPECIALLY YOU, ROVEG. I see you there, with your fancy picnics and your carefully packed leftovers and your lovely food rituals. Try it before you knock it, people!

Ahem. I really like cheese, is what I’m saying. But this scene is hilarious and I appreciate Becky Chambers for writing it.


That’s it from me for the moment, but drop your links and/or comments below or on Twitter with the #SciFiMonth tag, and let me know your own thoughts on these chapters! Next week the Read Along will be hosted by Mayri at Bookforager, and if you need a reminder of the schedule, here ’tis!

Until next time…







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