Sci-Fi Month Read Along: Discussion Questions, Week 3

Well, we made it to the end! This week I am covering the final chapters of The Galaxy, and the Ground Within for our Sci-Fi Month Read Along! SPOILERS BELOW.


The tension previously hinted at between Pei and Speaker finally comes to a head. What were your thoughts/feelings on their argument? Do you think either of them were in the right regarding their views?

And regarding their subsequent conversation, in which an understanding of sorts is reached, how do you feel about that particular resolution? How satisfactory was it for you?

We’re treated to a few denouement-style scenes in closing, where each of the previously stranded travelers (and Ouloo!) stay in contact by way of favours and gifts. Do you have a favourite moment from these chapters?

And finally, what are your overall thoughts and feelings on the book? Any other scenes/moments you want to highlight that stood out for you?


That’s it for my questions, but as always you can run with whatever else you’d like to talk about as we finish up! And if you’ve missed previous discussion questions and posts, you can find the round-up so far over here.




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  • Hello, I’m posting my thoughts here again, though I’ve written a bit of a splurge about my feelings about Pei’s decision re the shimmering on my own blog (to be posted next week) so I won’t repeat that here!

    Pei/Speaker’s argument: I feel a little guilty about this but I was 100% on Pei’s side! I can see where Speaker is coming from emotionally but logically I don’t think her arguments hold, especially given the additional background on the war we get in A Very Long Way…. I am very much anti-war in general but this seems like a straightforward retaliation in defence of a civilian population. Add to that how much I loved Pei in this book, and my generally lukewarm feelings about Speaker and… yeah. I don’t think I would have been able to be as civil to Speaker as Pei is later in the novel.

    I thought Roveg’s ending was very sweet. He’s not a character that made a deep impression on me but I was so glad that he got to reunite with his sons. It was also outstandingly kind of him to make an AI for Speaker and her sister. This final scene did make me feel more sympathy for her as it’s clear how terribly their species has been screwed over by losing their planet.

    • Re: the background given in the first book – that didn’t cover the Rosk/Aeluon war, IIRC? That conflict involved the Toremi, which is a different race… I know there was (probably?) mention of the Rosk because Pei was involved in that book but I don’t remember much detail about it there…?

      • I think it was just a throwaway mention – but regardless, unless we assume that Pei is lying or brainwashed (which doesn’t seem to be what Chambers is going for), Speaker’s arguments don’t stand up.

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