Looking back: A 2019 Recap

The hard work is done, and I’ve got a few days to breathe, relax, eat lots of food and enjoy myself. So naturally I’m back on the blog, to take a bit of time to look back over the year that was and remember fondly the best parts. Do join me!


I won’t lie, and I’m sure it’s no surprise – 2019 was rough, for a lot of people and in a lot of ways. We may not be at the end of that road, but what I think is most important to bear in mind is that we’re all on it together. No matter what certain people in power would prefer to make us think.

It helps me to remember that, for me this year, so many of the good times involved being with and meeting so many dear and wonderful people, either online or in person.

From hosting both SciFi Month and Wyrd & Wonder for another year, to taking my first ever trip to Ireland for Worldcon in Dublin and just enjoying being a huge geek with so many like-minded folks, it’s been an exciting, exhausting, affirming whirl of good memories made and cherished. I’m thrilled that I got to hang out in person with several good friends (and to make new ones), and to be at this year’s outstanding Hugo Award ceremony, and to have tea between programme events (with or without chairs!) with the likes of Ellen Kushner and Melissa Caruso; two of my favourite writers, and now two of my favourite people. And I’m beyond delighted that both SciFi Month and Wyrd & Wonder have been expanding the ranks of geek participants! It’s led to a lot of flailing behind the scenes, but please know that your support and shared excitement mean the world to imyril, Jorie and myself! We love you all.

My birthday this year was the first in years where I’ve been able to go out with good friends and really celebrate it in a way that makes me happy. And I know that those friends will be on board with me for whatever adventures next year brings, which may not sound like a huge deal to some but to me, it means everything.

I (re)discovered Dungeons & Dragons (thanks to these wild and wonderful souls), and it is everything good and joyful and exciting and fun that it never got a chance to be on my first time out, many years ago. I have a fantastic DM and a great group of fellow players, and it’s been almost a year since we began already?! I can’t wait to see what we all get up to next year.

Speaking of which, I owe a couple of session highlight/recap posts! Since there’s been no regular recap this month, and I promised my DM I’d write it up for her, look out for a dedicated D&D post very soon! In the spirit of the end of our first year, I figure it deserves one. More information! More thoughts!

I began learning Scots Gaelic, pretty much from the moment I heard that Duolingo had added a course to their app! It’s been a couple of months now and I am soaking it up, and incredibly glad to have the opportunity.

And of course, there have been many amazing books read (and bought, and heard about…) – but that’s for another post in another few days, because dangit December is not over yet! I finally have some time this month to get snuggled back up to my TBR pile, and I intend to make the most of it.

So on that note, fellow nerds, I shall leave you with my love, appreciation and best wishes for whatever your future brings. Here’s to more chances to share good things with good people.

Sláinte mhath, a cháirdean.





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  • “Here’s to more chances to share good things with good people”

    This will be my New Years Eve toast!

    It’s been a year of busy-ness, of changes, of oh yeah so much flailing behind the scenes, of “how the hell are we going to pull this off”, to treasuring every quiet moment. and we wouldn’t have it any other way! it’s the life of a happy nerd!

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