Gather your party: a Wyrd and Wonder round-up

Sunday may be a day of rest, but there is apparently no rest for this year’s wicked adventuring party! Wyrd and Wonder has officially kicked off, and its first weekend has been bustling with awesome content!

imyril will have a round-up of some of that for you, but over here today I’m helping you all get to know each other a bit better with a round-up of participant intro posts, as well as picking a few gems from the first hoard in our photo challenge!

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First up is a flock of early birds! We may have officially set off on our adventures on May 1, but some of you got up with the proverbial dawn and made your plans in advance. To those who plan, I salute you:

Another bunch of us aimed for that May 1 target, and our arrows flew true:

If you missed it, here’s my intro post – and you can check out imyril’s blog for a complete roll call of our party members for this year, as well as her own plans for the month ahead!

Worth a thousand words

And because not all the action is happening on blogs, I’ve chosen a selection of my favourites from among the pictures you’ve been sharing for our daily photo challenge! This may be a tough one to keep doing every week, but I encourage you all to give it your best shot (pun always intended)!

Day 1: TBR

Annemieke at A Dance with Books got the ball rolling by putting the question of what to read first to the Twitter masses, though I’m not sure we really helped to narrow it down. Oops.


Day 2: Start here (get into fantasy)

Acquadimore folded two prompts into one beautiful shot, opting for some Grishaverse – and personally I’m also always here for a nice potted plant.

Day 3: The best things come in threes

Nils Shukla went full Shiny for this prompt, for which I have to salute her.

Sparkle, baby, sparkle.


If you’d like to get in on the challenge action, here’s the graphic with our prompts:


And remember – all of these prompts are open to any interpretation you like! That’s the fun of it, after all.

That’s it from me for today. I’ve got reading to do!



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