Wyrd & Wonder Quest Log: Week the Last

Well, we’ve come to the end of the road for another year’s adventure, which means it’s time for one last round-up of your goods and treasure! This week I’m gathering your lists and random loot, as well as rounding up posts for The Darkest Part of the Forest Readalong. Let’s look it over…


Fantastic Fives

The team at The Fantasy Hive gave us a final pair of Monday Top Fives, featuring ‘single-serve fantasies’ (short fiction) and subgenres;

Mervi at Mervi’s Book Reviews also gave us a list of her favourite single-serves, as did Peat Long and Beth at Beth’s Bookish Thoughts;

Subgenres also got some list love from: Mug Full of Books | Foxes and Fairy Tales | A Dance With Books | BookWyrm Knits | Bookforager | Based on a True Story | There’s Always Room For One More | Zezee With Books | Word Wilderness


Elsewhere in the lists:

Lynn at Lynn’s Books gave us some of her favourite opening lines for Top Ten Tuesday;

Natalie at Too Short To Read shared some of the books she still needs to read (age-old woe!) as well as her top ten comfort reads;

Sahi at My World of Books took us through an A-Z of her TBR pile;

Annemieke at A Dance With Books shared five quotes from foresty books;

Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy brought us ten upcoming adult fantasies to get excited about;

Lauren at Always Me shared her adaptation wish-list for Top Ten Tuesday, and got excited for some upcoming releases;

Peyton at Word Wilderness listed 10 cool fantasy settings;

Sia at Every Book A Doorway got excited (again!) for some cool magic systems, as well as cool magical abilities;

And finally, Annemieke also gave us a round-up of our Fantastic Fives in her Top 5 Sunday showcase.

Random Loot

Bookforager: 6 Degrees of Fantasy Separation | The Tag Team Tag (with Ariana at Book Nook Reviews)

The BiblioSanctum: Waiting on Wednesday (from May 5) | Waiting on Wednesday (from May 11) | Waiting on Wednesday (from May 18) | Friday Face-Off: Yellow | Waiting on Wednesday (from May 25) | Friday Face-Off: “You” in the Title

Always Me: The Friday 56 (with Book Beginnings), from May 6 | Music Monday: Big Trouble in Little China (from May 9) | The Friday 56 (from May 13) | The Friday 56 (from May 20) | Music Monday: Pandora Journey | The Friday 56 (from May 27)

A Dance With Books: The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag | Show Your Bujo Theme

My World of Books: Book Tag: The Last Fantasy Book I’ve… | Contradictions Book Tag: Fantasy Edition

Lynn’s Books: Can’t Wait Wednesday (from May 11) | Friday Face-Off: Favourite book to film (from May 13) | Friday Face-Off: Yellow (from May 20) | Can’t Wait Wednesday: Spells For Forgetting | Friday Face-Off: “You” in the Title

Peat Long: Genre Book Tag (from May 16) | Masters of Two Worlds: Superheroes and Fantasy Heroes

Black and White (Words and Pictures): T is for Transforming | Celebrate a Subgenre: Portal fantasy | Poetry for Worldbuilding

Books, Bones & Buffy: Friday Face-Off: Yellow

Time for Tales and Tea: 2022 Hugo Award Short Story Finalists Reviewed

A Literary Escape: To Love or to Loathe… There’s the Trope | Wyrd and Wonderful Book Discoveries

Zezee With Books: Tolkien Character Book Tag | Charmed Book Tag

Too Short To Read: Fantasy Tropes Tag

The Darkest Part of the Forest Readalong



Week 1A Dance With Books (Annemieke’s posts covers both Readalongs) | Book Nook Reviews | The Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Peat Long | Where Stories Lie Pages & Procrastination | Dear Geek Place

Week 2A Dance With Books | Book Nook Reviews | The Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Peat Long | Where Stories Lie | Pages & Procrastination | Dear Geek Place

Week 3A Dance With Books | Book Nook Reviews | The Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Peat Long | Where Stories Lie | Pages & Procrastination | Dear Geek Place

Week 4A Dance With Books | Book Nook Reviews | The Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Peat Long | Where Stories Lie | Pages & Procrastination

(Posts will be linked here as they go live)


And that’s it for the final quest log – but don’t forget to check out imyril’s log, where she’s gathered your reviews, interviews, wrap-up posts and more!

It will have been said by now but I want to say it myself: thank you, each and every adventurer who took part this year. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, we appreciate all of you for your support, enthusiasm and creativity! You all helped to make our fifth year a really special one.

I also want to thank my fellow co-hosts – imyril, Jorie, Ariana and Annemieke for being absolute superstars, especially considering that I know we all had a bumpy ride over the last month. We make a good team!

So, we end the tale here – but mark your calendars for October 19-31, when we’ll be back with our Spooktastic Reads 13 day mini-event for Halloween! And if you’re a sci-fi fan as well, there will be another voyage of the starship Sci-Fi Month in November!

See you then…


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