Wyrd and Wonder Round-up, Part 4: The epic finale

I cannot believe May is all but over. I am still playing catch-up on some blog posts, but it’s been another great week and I couldn’t be happier that we all made this event a success for a fourth year running! Onward to my final round-up of your reviews and other things as well!

Image on right: leaping pegasus in blue/purple, with text reading "WYRD AND WONDER / Celebrate the Fantastic | May 1-31
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There’s Always Room For One More: Six Degrees of Separation… with Christopher Buehlman

The Fantasy Hive: Author Spotlight – L.L. MacRae | Interview – Ava Reid

The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along

The Green Tea Librarian | The Fantasy Hive | There’s Always Room For One More | Bookforager | The Quaint Book Nook | Dianthaa Dabbles | Peat Long | Dear Geek Place


That may be it for this outing, but dear adventurers: don’t forget we will be back for Spooktastic Reads in October (and SciFi Month in November!), and also keep an eye out for any future Wyrd and Wonder Read-alongs we might decide to do outside of the May event… *Tease-y face*

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