The Universe Is What We Make Of It – Welcome to Sci-Fi Month 2018!

November is here, and I’m happy to report that I’m no longer in Book Slump Land! BRING ME ALL THE SCIENCE FICTION. I will chew on it like a puppy with a slipper. But without the drool. Drool and paper don’t mix.


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash. Quote from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.


November has landed, and we are taking off into the great SF unknown – with a few pit stops in more familiar territory along the way, for my part, but I’ll come to that!

First and foremost, I am so excited and pleased to be continuing to host this event with imyril, and with invaluable help from Jorie, but a shout-out of respect is always due to Rinn for being the one who made Sci-Fi Month happen to begin with, and deserves thanks for trusting us with her baby even when she can’t be involved herself. We love you, Rinn!

Some Important Notes!

It’s officially November, but it’s not too late to sign up and take part! There is no deadline on this, folks. Whether you’ve signed up already, signing up today, or you sign up a week from now or halfway through or whatever, participation is what counts! And it’s not even required! WHAAAAT.

That’s right – you can join in the fun any way you like, and if we catch your signal we will boost it! So comment on blog posts, tag us on Twitter (@SciFiMonth) with what you’re reading, join our chats – whatever floats your spaceship, baby.

If you do want to sign up, though, you can find the link to the form here, along with some awesome new banners and graphics to choose from if you’d care to use them, all courtesy of imyril! We only ask that you remember to credit the artist if you use these images. 

There’s also a master schedule for bloggers to add their post links to! This is very handy for finding out what people are posting and where to find it, which of course makes visiting blogs and leaving comments much easier, so please feel free to include your posts there! (Just make sure you’re adding them in the right tabs! That’s right, we have MULTIPLE TABS. Imyril is a total spreadsheet nerd, so I don’t have to be.)

What’s In Store?

First and foremost, I guess I should announce that I am kicking things off with a giveaway this year – and it starts riiiiiiight NOW.


Image source:


I have one (1) lovely shiny new edition of Ursula K. Le Guin’s classic SF novel The Left Hand of Darkness to give away! This book is extra special to me because it’s one of the first stories, if not THE first story, that got me properly into science fiction in the first place. I’ll be revisiting the novel this month for a reread, but I wanted to celebrate our kick-off by giving one lucky reader the chance to score a copy of the new edition (check out that cover, is it not gorgeous?) or to discover the book for the first time themselves – or both!

In order to be in with a chance of winning, just comment on this post before midnight (UK time) on Wednesday, November 7th and let me know how I can contact you – Twitter handles are fine for this purpose, though email will be required later.

The giveaway is open internationally, and I’ll choose a winner at random on Thursday, November 8th. 

What Else?



There will be as many books read and reviewed (or tweeted about!) as I can fit into the next few weeks, but one in particular is getting me especially excited, and it’s another reread for me – Jorie and I are teaming up to bring you three weeks of readalong/Twitter chat epicness as we dive into Becky Chambers’ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet together, and we want all of you along for the ride!

Guys. I love this book so much, you guys. In fact, I hosted a blogger read-along a couple of Sci-Fi Months ago, though there were some unfortunate issues with US readers having trouble getting hold of a copy at the time. This time, there will (I hope) be nothing standing in the way of our collective geekfest!

So join Jorie and I on our mission, as we read the book in installments and gather for Sunday afternoon/evening Twitter chats! Here’s the schedule, and the book’s breakdown, for anyone who wants to join us:


  • Part 1: Beginning, up to the end of “Port Coriol” – Twitter chat on Sunday, November 11th
  • Part 2: “The Wane”, up to the end of “Hatch, Feather, House” – Twitter chat on Sunday, November 18th
  • Part 3: “October 25” to the end – Twitter chat on Sunday, November 25th


So! Mark your diaries, and let’s do this. The hashtag for the chats on Twitter will be #smallangryplanet, though of course we’ll be using #RRSciFiMonth to boost the signal as well. I AM SO EXCITED.

That’s it for my definite plans for the moment, but I hope to get as much SF goodness crammed into this month as I can stand, and I can’t wait to see what all of you get up to. So fire up your rocket ships, and let’s go!






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