20 Books of Summer ’20

It’s time to keep attacking my TBR, but this time there are fewer demands/rules/restrictions on what, precisely, goes on this challenge list! It’s less about what, and (slightly) more about how much.

Interested? Then check this out!



20 Books of Summer is a nice casual sort of reading challenge, created by Cathy at 746 Books. The premise is simple: you pick 20 (or 15, or 10) books to read between June and the end of August. You read, you review (if you’re so inclined), you rinse and repeat.

There’s a place to link your sign-up/reading list post, and the hashtag for social media purposes is #20booksofsummer20.

I’ll be aiming for 10 books, because I am trying to learn better habits when it comes to these things, yes I know I’ll let you know how it goes. But for the moment at least, here are my ten picks, the books I will definitely absolutely be reading, probably ASAP…



Turning Darkness Into Light, by Marie Brennan

I am definitely starting with this one, given that I finally picked it up and started reading a couple of days ago – and at the rate I’m going it may not take me very long at all to finish it!

Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders, by Aliette de Bodard

This is one of the ARCs on my pile, and one of three on this list – though I’m currently leaning toward a re-read of the first two Dominion of the Fallen books before I read The House of Sundering Flame, which I’ll be following up with this – so it’s definitely near the top of the list as well! Watch this space.

The Grand Tour: A Jackson’s Unreal Circus and Mobile Marmalade Collection, by E. Catherine Tobler

Another one of the ARCs I really want to get to, because I have a weakness for circus stories. Also I hope there is marmalade. I like marmalade too.



Skein Island, by Aliya Whitely

The third and final ARC selected for this list! It’s been sadly neglected for long enough, I think.

Deal With The Devil, by Kit Rocha

This one is coming out in July*, after being pushed back from its original planned release in May. Any Kit Rocha book is a must-read for me now, and after several re-reads of the Beyond series I am so ready and so, so hyped for the first book in a new series!

The Obsidian Tower, by Melissa Caruso

Another first in a new series from an author whose previous work I absolutely loved. And this one just got its release, so you’d better believe I’m going to add it to my beloved Caruso paperback collection ASAFP.



When We Were Magic, by Sarah Gailey

Because Sarah. Fucking. Gailey. That’s why.

Dragonspell, by Katharine Kerr

I am DYING to read the last book in this part of the epic Deverry saga, and find out what happens to Jill and Rhodry and Nevyn. And I hope there really are dragons. Obviously.



The Empire of Gold, by S.A. Chakraborty

Another series I am dying to read the conclusion to! I’ve loved this trilogy so far, and I cannot rest until I get to the end.

The Fifth Season, by N.K. Jemisin

This is one of those books that’s making me feel like I’m the only person I know who hasn’t read it! But its time will come at last…


*Edited because I got the new release date wrong. Not June after all. Woe.


So that’s what I plan to be reading this summer. How about you?


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