Go your own way: The Bitter Twins Read-along, Part 2

It’s week two of our continuing Winnowing Flame Read-along, and things are getting pretty tense! As if they weren’t already… As most of the party set out on separate missions, Vintage is left holding down the fort, and it doesn’t take long for some interesting newcomers to pay a visit…

Let’s discuss The Bitter Twins. Spoilers follow for chapters 13 through 22.


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Along comes The Epic Quest To a Fabled Land … What are your thoughts on Tor and Noon’s journey to find the island Micanal was searching for? What do you think they might find if/when they get there? (Do you think they’ll get there, and in one piece…?)

I’m probably going to be wrong about this one, but I’d really like to see Tor and Noon get there (alive and relatively unharmed, thank you) and find Micanal himself. We’ve been getting much more in-depth with Ebora and its people in this book, and I’m interested to get the perspective on everything that’s happened, and is happening, from someone who’s legendary for upping sticks and leaving. Especially if we get it during a meeting with Tor, who sort of did the same thing but for more selfish reasons…

I’d also like to see Vostok meet this particular Eboran. I’m amusing myself with notions of dragon fangirling.

As for the journey itself – OH GOD THIS IS STRESSFUL. I mean, it’s fascinating, and I’m eager to see what they find, if they find anything. But so far we’ve had glimpses of worm-touched whales, among other things, and I won’t lie. That was enough to make me very nervous! That and the killer starfish. FOR GOODNESS SAKE JEN WILLIAMS, REALLY?! (Brava.)

For that matter, what did you make of Firstlight and its residents, and the hints about their origins and why they came to this island?

This is another great example of the touches of depth to the worldbuilding that are being found, or explored, as this story goes on. It makes perfect sense that these invasions would touch upon different societies in different ways, and that different groups of people would deal with it in their own way. Such as some humans dealing with the dangers that the Eborans presented by getting the hell away from them. This is just one more divergent thread underlying the main storyline thread, and even if we never go off-track to follow it further I really appreciate that Williams is taking the time to weave them together. It’s something that gives Tor and Noon in particular a lot to think about, if they choose to think about it, and I am right here for that. Give me relationship complications. Yessss.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party is splitting up as Bern and Aldasair set out for Finneral, whose people are having their own problems after the return of the Jure’lia. What might you be expecting from this side mission?


No, really. I want to see what these two and their war-beasts, in particular, make of what they’re going to find in Finneral. I want to see what Aldasair makes of being in a place that’s foreign to him, with people he doesn’t know. I want to get to know Bern better, and the prospect of doing it while he’s on his home territory is really exciting. But in my heart I am here for this being an opportunity for them to get to know each other much better. And if ‘getting to know each other’ leads to swoony times, well, who am I to complain?

Vintage, meanwhile, has finally been forced to sit the adventures out – though that isn’t stopping her from making questionable decisions. What are your first impressions of Tyranny, and her offer to aid the war effort?

In hindsight, this was bound to happen, wasn’t it? This is apparently that section of the book where everyone is given unavoidable opportunities to examine their relationships, their motivations and themselves, and let’s be honest. Vintage could stand to do a bit of self-examination. I love her, but this woman has what could politely be called impulse control issues? And they’ve gotten people close to her into some nasty scrapes? So what might happen when she’s left alone with those impulses?

… Apparently, opening the doors of someone else’s home (and city…?) to someone who has Bad News written all over her. Possibly ‘zealous fanatic’ Bad News, but definitely ‘opportunistic criminal hustler’ Bad News. Right? I mean, is it just me or is Tyranny Munk someone who SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TRUSTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES VINTAGE WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Even her own instincts are screaming danger! VINTAGE, NO.



So, that’s it from me for this week. I’ve got some very eager reading to continue doing, but here is a reminder that these Read-along doors are still open if you want to join us, read (or re-read) along with us or even just grab some popcorn and enjoy our flailing enthusiasm/emotional suffering. My comments are wide open for your own thoughts and feelings, and do check out the posts by other participants!

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Here’s our schedule for The Bitter Twins:

Week 1: Sunday 23rd June – Start of book through Chapter 12
Week 2: Sunday 30th June – Chapters 13 through 22
Week 3: Sunday 7th July – Chapters 23 through 34
Week 4: Sunday 14th July – Chapters 35 through 46
Week 5; Sunday 21st July – Chapters 47 to end






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  • Great post! Yeah, if Tor and Noon found Micanal that would be pretty awesome, although I suspect that even if they do he’s not going to be what they expect or hope. I’m feeling very DOOM after this section – the scary starfish, the people of Firstlight, Tyranny Munk, everyone being split up, it’s all taking it’s toll on my naturally bouncy hopeful nature *sarcasm* … 😀
    Come on Williams, a little glimmer of hope … please?

    • Oh, I’m sure hope is coming. But we’re only halfway into the second book so there’s probably a lot more screaming to be done before we get there…

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