Wyrd and Wonder Quest Log: Week 2

Rise and shine, adventurers! It’s a brand new week, and that means before we set out again that it’s time for another gathering of our collective goods! Let’s take a look at the past week’s reviews, Read Alongs and randomness…



The BiblioSanctum: A Sleight of Shadows by Kat Howard | The Warden by Daniel M. Ford | Spring’s Arcana by Lilith Saintcrow | Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Based on a True Story: Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston | To Raise a Clenched Fist to the Sky by T. Thorn Coyle

SFF Book Reviews: A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowling | The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

A Literary Escape: Thornhedge by T. Kingfisher

Realms of My Mind: The Ivory Tomb by Melissa Caruso | The Battle Drum by Saara El-Arifi

The Fantasy Hive: Greyskin by James Kinsley | Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

LittleFrogScribbles: March’s End by Daniel Polansky | The Malevolent Seven by Sebastien de Castell | The Book That Wouldn’t Burn by Mark Lawrence

Queen’s Book Asylum: Dragon Your Bones by Tatiana Obey | Salt in the Wound by Benjamin Aeveryn | Windcatcher by A.J. Norfield

The Green Tea Librarian: Magic Knight Rayearth Part 1 by CLAMP | Magic Knight Rayearth Part 2 by CLAMP

Wicked Witch’s Blog: The Sword Defiant by Gareth Hanrahan

The Curious SFF Reader: Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone

Peat Long: Watership Down by Richard Adams | Elak of Atlantis by Henry Kuttner | Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey

The Book Nook: The Mad Ship by Robin Hobb

Powder & Page: The Sword Defiant by Gareth Hanrahan | The House Witch #3 by Delemhach

A Dance With Books: Grave Secrets by Alice James

Space and Sorcery: We Ride The Storm by Devin Madson

Hardcover Haven: Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim

Bookforager: The Black God’s Drums by P. Djèlí Clark

There’s Always Room For One More: Babel by R.F. Kuang



Pages and Procrastination: Day 5: The Fair Folk | Favourite Spells | Most Often Recommended

The BiblioSanctum: Waiting on Wednesday

A Writing Soul’s Story: WWW Wednesday | Spells, Maps and Adventures Oh My! | First Line Friday | Waiting on Wednesday

Lexlingua: Top 5 Magical Systems or Spells | Top 10 Underrated Books

Peat Long: Hidden Histories: Six Inspirations for Historical Fantasy | Music Monday – Beyond the Cloud by Tenmon

Calmgrove: Clashes in Clatteringshaws

Bookforager: The Book Cake Tag

@bookish_az (Instagram): Map Monday | Magic Swords

Always Me: Music Monday – Daniel Heland | Friday 56 – The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

A Dance With Books: Show your bujo theme | Eurovision 2023 outfits as book covers

Queen’s Book Asylum: What the Hungarian?! – Alec Hutson

Zezee With Books: Cozy Fantasy Book Tag

Wicked Witch’s Blog: Poetry Reading Challenge



Week 1 discussion questions | A Dance With Books | Dear Geek Place | The Fantasy Hive | Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Gazer of Books | Zezee With Books | Where Stories Lie

Week 2 discussion questions | A Dance With Books | Dear Geek Place | The Fantasy Hive | Bookforager | The Green Tea Librarian | Gazer of Books | Zezee With Books | Where Stories Lie



Week 1 discussion questions | A Dance With Books | BookWyrm Knits | Queen’s Book Asylum | Dear Geek Place | OneReadingNurse

Week 2 discussion questions | A Dance With Books | BookWyrm Knits | Queen’s Book Asylum | Dear Geek Place | OneReadingNurse



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