Do the monster mash: announcing Spooktastic Reads 2022!

Hello again friends! I have taken a holiday, and I’m feeling refreshed – just in time to start gearing up for our spooky fantasy-themed Halloween event! Grab your torches and TBRs, and let’s go…



What is Spooktastic Reads, you might ask? For those new to the event, Spooktastic Reads is a little sister to our month-long May event, Wyrd and Wonder, hosted by myself, imyril at There’s Always Room For One More, Jorie at Jorie Loves a Story, Annemieke at A Dance With Books, and Ariana at Book Nook Reviews. Rather than running it for a whole month, like we do with Wyrd and Wonder, Spooktastic Reads is a 13-day event beginning on October 19th and ending on October 31st, because we love Halloween and of course we’d finish with a spooky holiday!

Also unlike Wyrd and Wonder, there is no official sign-up process for this event. Just let us know on the social medias that you’re joining in (@wyrdandwonder on both Twitter and Instagram)! Then get out your spooky fantasy TBRs (or watchlists, or video games, or whatever!) and let’s have a party.

But what’s spooky fantasy, you might also ask? That one’s easy. Pretty much anything involving the paranormal! Whether it’s paranormal romance, dark fantasy, straight-up horror or anything that fits in the in-between places, it counts so long as it has some sort of fantastic/spooky element! For an idea of what to expect, you can look out on Instagram on October 19th when your hosts will be sharing their own TBRs, or follow the Twitter tag #SpooktasticReads for ideas! We’ll also be running a prompt challenge for the event on Instagram, and if you like to come prepared here’s our handy-dandy prompt challenge graphic!



For another teaser, and because I always get excited to do this, I’ll be doing a few livetweet events. Normally I like to try to find a film I haven’t seen before, and this year is no exception – join me (date TBD) for my first viewing of Practical Magic! There will also be a Hocus Pocus double bill, to celebrate the release of the sequel!

*Sweeps all her exclamation points back into their box* That’ll do for now, I think – but I’m super excited and I hope you are too. See you at Halloween, and be careful if you’re going through the woods…



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