Dear Geeks: SciFi Month reminder, and free stuff!

We are two weeks away from November, and that means the good (space) ship SciFi Month is nearing the docks, to pick up this year’s crew for a brand new voyage!

In order to keep nerdy appetites whetted, here’s a quick peek at what’s in store from this co-captain’s quarters…



As previously announced, I will be running a read along of Everina Maxwell’s wonderful debut novel, Winter’s Orbit, for this year’s festivities. You can check out the reading schedule here, and don’t forget to let me know if you’d like to participate – I’m happy to share hosting duties and there are a couple of weeks still open if anyone’s up for it. I’ll post another update on that before we kick things off.

If this book doesn’t sound like your jam, that’s cool! Stay tuned with imyril over at There’s Always Room For One More, as she will be putting together some shorter readalongs of SF novellas!

Yes good, but what about the free stuff, you say? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. As part of this year’s sign=up giveaway prize pot, I will be offering one lucky crewmember a £20 gift voucher to spend at The Portal Bookshop! And for anyone not in the UK, I’ll be throwing in a sci-fi book of your choice from Book Depository, up to the same value.

I’ll announce a UK winner after the sign-up giveaway closes, but the international giveaway will run throughout November, with a winner announced on the final day of SciFi Month. Keep an eye on my Twitter (@deargeekplace) for those announcements!

Both giveaways are for active participants only – no giveaway accounts please!

For more information on signing up, and on what you can win from imyril’s share of the prize pot, go here!

That’s it from me for the moment. Let’s get geared up and ready to go…



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