Dear Geeks: Announcing SciFi Month 2021!

Hello all!

So. This summer has been a rough one, and I’ve let some dust gather as a result. But it’s time for opening windows, taking deep breaths of fresh air, and blowing off that dust, because our annual voyage known as SciFi Month is coming, and your nerdy co-captains imyril and I have got Plans.

We’ve also got information, so let’s go over that!



First of all, if you aren’t familiar with SciFi Month you might well be wondering what it’s all about. Well let me tell you! SciFi Month is an annual online geek extravaganza held throughout the month of November, where we come together with fellow science fiction fans to celebrate the genre. We’ve got books galore to read, review, hype, discuss and generally enthuse about – but we don’t stop there! We like a broad-strokes approach at SciFi Month HQ; movies, TV shows, comics and graphic novels, art and music have all fallen under our umbrella and we welcome it all. So if you are a nerd for science fiction, we’d like to hang out with you!

Finer details will be forthcoming at a later date, but today we are throwing the sign-up form open to this year’s would-be crew! And if official participation is not your thing, that’s OK – you can always find us on Twitter @SciFiMonth and with the hashtag #SciFiMonth for social purposes. It’s all about having fun!

Our goddess of organisational skills, otherwise known as imyril, has also already put together this year’s master schedule, so if you are signing up, you can add links to your content as we go.

TEASER TIME. I know I said we were leaving the finer details of our plans for later posts, but I’d feel simply awful if I didn’t give you guys a little taste of what you can expect this year. So I am announcing the book selection for our SciFi Month 2021 Readalong! This year, I will be hosting a readalong of one of my absolute favourite 2021 releases – Everina Maxwell’s debut novel, Winter’s Orbit.



I am beyond excited to reread this book for a readalong, so if you’re interested in joining in, look out for more information and the full schedule coming soon!

That’s it for the announcements for the time being, but stay tuned for more by following us on Twitter, and watching this space and imyril’s over at There’s Always Room For One More.

Fly true, space adventurers, and we’ll see you in November…



The artwork used to create this banner is licensed for use in promoting the event online. You’re welcome to use our banners and other images to show your participation, but please do not make any changes except to resize as needed. And please remember to credit the artist.

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QUOTE from Babylon’s Ashes by James S.A. Corey

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