Darkness falls across the land…

Spooktastic Reads is FINALLY at hand!

I can’t do evil laughter like Vincent Price could, but surely you know how it goes.



It has arrived! 13 days of spooks, screams, thrills and chills start here, and imyril, Jorie and I want to see what you’re reading! (Or watching, or listening to!)

There’s no formality to this wee event, but whatever floats your seasonal boat, do let us know by tagging us (@wyrdandwonder) on Twitter, or using the hashtag #SpooktasticReads, and let us boost your signals.

Around here, there will be some diving into my backlist books for reviews, and also some favourite movie watching this weekend. I also have the Netflix adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House lined up, hopefully for a bit of binge-watching and tweeting.

And to get the signal-boosting started, why not check out Exquisite Corpse over at Serial Box? As they’ve put it, it’s “ten authors, one prompt, a whole day of spine-tingling horror”. I’ll have to catch up with the end result just as soon as my weekend arrives, but if you’ve got time today, join them for hourly bursts of improv spookery!

Let’s do this – but don’t forget your salt…


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Image: Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

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