Wyrd and Wonder Read Along: The Bone Witch, Week 3

We have reached the penultimate section of this book, and I have some thoughts and rather conflicted feelings…

Let’s discuss The Bone Witch. (Spoilers!)


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There was someone else in Ankyo who could channel the Dark. And whoever it was, was after me. (P. 154)

Do you have any theories about who could be behind the skeleton incident, and why they’re after Tea?

… Honestly, I don’t, and the more I think about it the more it bothers me. Not so much in a “who’s doing it?!” way, but in a “where is this all leading?” way – we haven’t really had much in the way of a plot so far, and while I certainly think that a good enough book can pull off the “light plot, heavy character study” thing… We haven’t gotten much of a character study yet, either? I get the sense that something is being drawn out, I just can’t see very far ahead to what that something might be, and it’s beginning to bug me.

So I guess “no” is the best answer I’ve got for this…

This week we learn why Fox has been turning up bruised and battered whenever he disappears on his own. We also learn that he’s been getting into disagreements with noble women! He’s gaining a lot of agency for an undead familiar – what are your thoughts on this, and where do you think his part in the story might lead him?

Fox is a curious one, at least! In terms of how he’s presented, I find his agency fascinating. Let’s face it, characters are always better when they have it! So I’m here for Fox not just being a shambling servant who never does anything interesting. As for his part in the story … that’s where I have the same problem I mentioned above. Interesting moments and interactions are happening, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry to lead anywhere…

Tea gains her asha-sisters, and one of them is not like the others… What do you make of Zoya in this role? Do you think her relationship with Tea might develop into one that’s less antagonistic?

I think it could, and I’m going to make an effort here not to sound like a broken record, so… Zoya is interesting, at the very least because of her antagonistic role. I literally don’t know what her problem is, but I hope it comes to light and gets resolved somehow!

Speaking of suspect characters and antagonistic relationships, Tea and Kalen find themselves in a new, if somewhat unwanted, position as student and teacher, respectively. Do you trust Kalen to learn something from his time as Tea’s instructor? For that matter, do you trust him at all given how seemingly opposed he is to Tea’s presence/nature in general?

I have a little inkling that Kalen might turn out to be more of an antagonist, actually. So no, I don’t really trust him at all! Whether that means he can’t learn something from Tea, though, is a different question – but it’s what he does about that, that will count. Tea doesn’t seem to like him much, but she at least sees the value in what he’s teaching her. Turnabout is fair play, Kalen!

This section ends on a rather dramatic cliffhanger – any thoughts or theories as to who’s behind the apparent attack at the darashi oyun?

Nope, and again, this is the problem with how the story is going (or not going) so far. We’ve clearly arrived at a dramatic turning point, but I don’t have any theories about it because I don’t have enough information to really put one together. So I guess I’ll read on and hope some of my questions finally get answered…

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  • Yup the character development isn’t huge. And I feel like that stuck out even more in week 4.

  • Great answers! I had been so focused on the lack of plot development that I didn’t think about the fact that there was next to no character development, too. You’re right—Zoya is one of the more interesting characters, and even she has barely any character development at this point.

    Hang in there! I just recently finished reading, and (while there are still issues) the last quarter of the book is where all the action is.

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