Howl’s Moving Castle Read Along: Week 1 discussion questions

Hello all! Today we’re kicking off the Howl’s Moving Castle Read Along for Wyrd and Wonder. This book is already pleasantly full of surprises, so let’s get to the discussion prompts!

Please note that spoilers may follow.



For those who have seen the film adaptation/first time readers: these opening chapters already make it clear how much of a difference there is between the two versions of this story. How do you feel about that difference? Are you curious to read on, or has it thrown you?

In terms of tone and/or subject matter, this is perhaps not your average young person’s book. How are you finding these factors – do they work for you as a reader?

Sophie has quite the ordeal dropped on her early on – or does she? She seems to be handling her sudden transformation surprisingly well. What do you make of Old Lady Sophie so far?

Perhaps less admirable (advisable?) is the way she wanders so blithely into a bargain with a demon, even one as entertaining as Calcifer. Do you think Sophie ought to be a bit more wary of Calcifer, or can she handle herself?

The Wizard Howl: Lovably misguided, or dangerously ignorant? Discuss.


That’s it for my questions for this week, but feel free to add any other thoughts and feelings you have, or bring up any personal highlights/points I haven’t covered! And if you need a reminder of the schedule, you can find it here. Until next time!



Howl’s Moving Castle | Art: ©2004 Nibariki TGNDDDT





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