Worldcon in Dublin, Part 1: Tea and balladry

I am home and recovering my brain power after five wonderful days of nerdery at Worldcon in Dublin. And as promised, here is the first of my daily recaps, diary-style.

Apologies in advance for the inevitable exhausted memory lapses, I may not be recalling absolutely everything at this point…

Thursday pretty much set a relaxed, No Anxiety Allowed tone for the convention for me, which thankfully endured well enough to let me properly enjoy myself. And after an early flight from Glasgow when I’m not a natural morning person, this was definitely a good thing!

So I met up with my con buddy @imyril at the airport, got ourselves to our Airbnb (which was lovely!) and braced ourselves with a cuppa before heading for the convention centre.

Our actual con activity was pretty low-key on the first day, but we did catch up with Ellen Kushner, first at “Writing Thomas the Rhymer: balladry and storytelling” and then afterward for tea and a catch-up chat. It’s always nice when one of your favourite writers is also a wonderful person, and catching up with Ellen is always a lovely time, so thanks to her for making time in what was doubtless a hectic schedule for us!

(Sidenote: I didn’t pack my copy of Thomas the Rhymer for signing and I’m still kicking myself. Next time? Next time!)

Next up was catching up with some other con buddies, and taking in a couple of different panels, though this is where there’s a big old blank patch in my memory. I remember going to a queer fandom panel and catching up with a couple of friends, but I cannot for the life of me remember having dinner or whatever we might have done in the evening. Consulting those friends didn’t particularly refresh any memories, so at least it wasn’t just me who was zonked on that first day!

So that was basically it for Day 1 of Worldcon. Tomorrow I’ll be writing up Friday’s adventures, which were notably more adventurous and involved meeting more people! Also, noodles that never got eaten…




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