The Ninth Rain Read Along, Part Three

Our unlikely band of heroes is beset by enemies and monsters on all sides this week, as their journey is quite literally derailed, leaving them scrambling to find shelter – and re-examining certain priorities. Meanwhile, the depth of Hestillion’s dedication to saving Ebora becomes increasingly illuminated…

Let’s discuss The Ninth Rain. (Spoilers follow for chapters 24 through 36.)

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An island prison. A religious leader. A witch-powered steam train. Giant bats. I think it’s time we talked about the Winnowry! What do you think creates a fell witch? Where does their power come from? Why are they all women? Is the Winnowry a despicable organisation profiting from controlling women or keeping the world safe? 


I have feelings on organisations like this one, even when they’re fictional. I generally hate them. Do not approve, do not want, do not like even a little bit.

But instead of ranting about that, let’s focus on the other parts of this prompt!

As for all of them being women … I don’t know if I believe they all are, all of the time, with no exceptions. I wonder quite often whether the Winnowry’s reach is really as absolute as it seems; I mean there have to have been at least some who have slipped through their net. Noon’s managing it so far, after all. Who’s to say that some haven’t been men, who were all too aware of the Winnowry’s reputation and wanted nothing to do with them? And if the Winnowry and their agents are only ever looking for women with a fell-witch’s power… Well. Who knows? Unless I’m missing something we’ve been told, I think it’s possible!

As for what makes someone a fell-witch, and where that power comes from … I’m happy to have no idea at this stage because hopefully that just means we have more information forthcoming, later in the trilogy. I don’t think that the entire purpose of the Winnowry here is to be the small-scale bad guy for Noon to avoid/defeat and move on from. I suspect they’ll have a bigger role to play, I just don’t know what it could be at this point…


“There’s a world in there.” Ravening insectile hordes, battle moons (or Death Stars, if you prefer), fertiliser to drive you Wild – and this week we venture inside a Behemoth. What do you make of the weird and creepy world of the Jure’lia?

First of all, I just want to note that THERE IS A WAY INTO ANOTHER WORLD FROM THIS ONE. I’ve been speculating on that, and my theory is that Tyron only got part of the way through before succumbing to his horrible fate because he has no magical affinity (or so I assume). What if that’s like the ‘correct combination’ that unlocks the way through for someone trying to get there?

Not that I think anyone should be so foolish. Nothing good EVER happens when you go poking around the alien planet/world/realm.



… This gif is still a pretty accurate summary of my feelings regarding the Jure’lia, really. Just nope.


Where do you think Vintage has gone? …and what do you think is going on with Noon?

1. NANTHEMA. Please tell me she has gone to find her former partner (*cough*lover) for reasons to be made clear later. I WANT TO MEET THE WOMAN VINTAGE TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH.

2. … Tor is going to need a young priest and an old priest, and quickly. Just don’t go to the Winnowry for them, there’s a good chap.


Two siblings determined to save their god. What do you think is going to happen in Ebora?

OK, I love everything about this twist. Let me tell you why.

Mainly, because I am 100% here for sibling rivalries taken to extremes, and although I think Tor’s reasons for wanting to save Ebora are both questionably selfish and easier to sympathise with, I don’t think for a second that Hestillion is going to be grateful that she didn’t have to do the work herself, if he pulls it off instead of her. I’m pretty sure that whatever she’s going to do involves Hest herself coming out of it as the saviour figure, and not her disloyal, wandering wastrel of a brother.

SIBLING SHOWDOWN. I want to see it.







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