Spooktastic Reads 2023

Hey, hi, hello and welcome! Autumn is here, and you know what that means. Pumpkins, cosy cardigans, and Spooktastic Reads!



If you’re new to this event and don’t know what to expect, here’s a little explanation!

Spooktastic Reads is the little-sister event to May’s Wyrd & Wonder month-long fantasy celebration, in which we spend thirteen days in October (19th-31st) celebrating spooky fantasy. The event runs right through until midnight on Halloween (wherever you are in the world), and if you’re wondering what counts as “spooky fantasy” – that’s always the fun part to me, because the only solid rule we abide by is that it has to be fantastical in some way. You can read (or watch, or draw, or listen to) anything from paranormal fantasy to straight-up horror. It can be scary, it can be funny, it can be cosy – whatever floats your seasonally thematic boat!

My own reading plans are, as usual, fairly loose – I’ll be dipping into some backlist stuff from my enormous TBR, though it’s entirely possible a new purchase or two will find its way in there.

As always, though, we have challenge prompts for those of you who like such things! Check it out:



19th: Into the woods
20th: Dark harvest
21st: Owls
22nd: Ancient ritual
23rd: Unseelie
24th: Empty windows
25th: It’s just a myth, right?
26th: Deep water
27th: Goosebumps
28th: Full moon
29th: Terrible choice
30th: Echoes
31st: Samhain


You can still find us via Twitter and Instagram @wyrdandwonder for this event, though a few of us have migrated to Bluesky – I’m still @deargeekplace there, and I’ll be doing my best to boost signals wherever I can. You can also request an invite to our dedicated Discord server, Other Worlds, by pinging me or @imyril either on Bluesky or on Twitter, if DMs are still a useful thing.

I think that’s it for information for the moment, but I can’t wait for the event to kick off! See you in the woods, the haunted house, the shadowy places… or just on the internet.










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