Sci-Fi Month Mission Log: Week Two

Reports came in thick and fast from our crew of explorers this week! I am loving the variety of reading material. Let’s take a look at some of what’s on offer!


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Guest Posts & Interviews

Arina at The Bookwyrm’s Guide to the Galaxy offered a tasty selection of author features this week! First up was a guest post from Jordan Loyal Short, “Redrawing the Map: Blending Science Fiction and Fantasy“; next came J J Blacklocke with “Person, Place and Thing: The Art of Worldbuilding Inside and Outside the Book“; Sean Willson talked about why he reads science fiction; and finally Arina interviewed author Michelle Saftich on family, migration, and her latest book The Hatch.

Also opening her door this week was my co-host imyril, who presented an artist showcase and interview, chatting with Alex Storer and featuring some of his favourite SF artwork.

Golden Witchbreed Read Along

imyril, Mayri and I are still exploring Orthe – and flailing over how disastrously wrong everything is going for Christie… Here are the links to our Week 2 posts!

There’s Always Room For One More | The Book Forager | Dear Geek Place


And that’s it for another stellar round-up! Keep an eye out for imyril’s half of this week’s Mission Log, where she’ll have the goods on lists and other discussions, plus giveaways and random treasure!

Just one more thing, and it’s a repeat of a housekeeping note from your consistently frazzled hosts – if you have a post up for Sci-Fi Month and have signed up to the event, please remember to add a link to the master schedule so we know where to find your stuff! It just makes our work behind the scenes a little bit easier, and we don’t sob quite so hard into our tea mugs. Thank you, we appreciate you all, and now let’s continue with our explorations!


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