Mission Status Update: Flip and burn

It’s the final week of this year’s Sci-Fi Month, and though my stamina has not been the best, the rest of our beloved Fleet has continued performing admirably! Let’s take another look at the random treasure we found, shall we?


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(Yes, I know I covered this stuff last week as well. There was a tired mistake in the cockpit. Thankfully, no crashing and burning yet!)

The Friday Face-off feature is going strong again this week, with the latest cover subject being ‘futuristic’! Here’s who got in on the artsy action:

Lynn at Lynn’s Books | Mogsy at The BiblioSanctum | Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable | Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy | S.J. Higbee at Brainfluff

Friday memes popped up elsewhere too, as Lauren at Always Me brought us another round of the Friday 56 and 50/50 Friday, and Lisa at Books, Gems & Tarot enjoyed sharing a First Lines Friday feature with us.

But we were not limited to Friday memes! Lauren also posted another Music Monday feature, while Mayri at Book Forager got in on the Six Degrees of SFnal Separation action, for Fun For Monday.

And then there’s Tuesday fun! Lauren popped up again (if our nerdy Fleet was into promotions, she’d likely get one by now!) for a Top Ten Tuesday list of classic SF books she’d like to read, while S.J. Higbee celebrated Teaser Tuesday with a little Kim Stanley Robinson…

Elsewhere, Mogsy continued her Waiting on Wednesday posts at The BiblioSanctum, Tammy posted Future Fiction #47, Jess at Jessticulates exhibited more Shelf Control and shared what she’s reading right now, and also joined the 5 Star Books in 5 Words party.

Lauren returned yet again to share a little aesthetic love, featuring her favourite characters in long coats! Caitlin G. waxed nerdical about her love for Animorphs, while I got comfy on the couch for another Saturday night movie livetweet/first viewing, this time experiencing the shoogly, clunky joy that was Sean Connery’s Outland!

Returning to the lists, we got even more goodness this week!

SF heroines were a choice topic this week, with Lydia Schoch, Anouk at Time for Tales and Tea and Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable sharing their favourites. And lest we forget those dashing heroes, Brittany also shared a list of her favourite menfolk, as did Mervi! And if you’re of the opinion that gender is a construct, we did not leave A.I. out in the cold – Caitlin G. featured a few of her favourite ‘bots!

The Science Fiction A to Z returned, with Tammy and Lauren both putting their minds to it!

My esteemed co-host imyril engaged the autopilot for a bit to bring us the backlist SF authors she’s most eager to read, while Louise at Exploring by Starlight got a little controversial with her Unpopular SF Opinions 2: Revenge of the Salt!

Lydia Schoch put her pen (not her sword!) to the task of discussing the best examples of conflict resolution in Star Trek.

And finally, Anouk returned with a dive into alternate history, to bring us some steampunk and dieselpunk picks from her TBR!

Whew! Excellent gathering of data, dear Fleet!


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