Brave new worlds: SciFi Month 2019

The weather’s turning and the nights are drawing in. More stars in the sky means more space to imagine exploring… November is coming, and you all know what that means, right?

If you don’t, well my friend, let me tell you about SciFi Month!

What’s SciFi Month?

An annual science fiction celebration! We hit the SF blogosphere each November for the nerdiest of online parties. It’s got books, short stories, comics, film and TV, art, podcasts – whatever floats your spaceship, you bring it to the table and we all discuss/enthuse/expand our TBRs.

Seriously, our definitions of SF are wonderfully broad here at SciFi Month HQ. Chances are pretty good that if you think it counts, then it’s welcome in this space!

Heh. Space. <Tosses a coin in the pun jar>

You can share your nerdery with us any way you prefer, too! Got a blog? Link us up! Regular tweeter? Tag and/or follow us! We’d love to share your fun.

Join the Fleet

The key word here is always Fun, but organisation can be important too. Signing up can help us to keep track of everyone who’s flying with us. It’s not mandatory, so don’t feel pressured – you can always hit us up over on Twitter @SciFiMonth. If you have questions or ideas you’d like to run by us, that’s the place to do it!

Sign-up Giveaway

There is no deadline for signing up to take part (you can join us anytime before or during November) , but participants who do so before November 1st and make a SciFi Month post during the first week of the month will be eligible for our sign-up giveaway!

Prize(s) still TBC, so watch this space for more details on that.


IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Sebastien Decoret on

NOTE: This image is not royalty-free, and has been licensed for use to promote the event online. You’re welcome to borrow the banner for SciFi Month purposes, but please do not make any changes (resizing is fine). And please ensure you credit the artist!

We’ll have more banners available closer to November.




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