Dear Geeks: Announcing Spooktastic Reads 2021!

I don’t care what the weather thinks, the seasons are turning. It’s September, and that means October isn’t far away. And we all know what October means. October means Halloween, and Halloween means Spooktastic Reads!



For those who are unfamiliar with this mini-event: Spooktastic Reads is the little sister event to Wyrd and Wonder, which takes place in May. Spooktastic Reads, however, is our fantastical seasonal celebration of all things spooky fantasy, in honour of Halloween! Have a little Q&A to cover the basics.

What do you mean by ‘spooky fantasy’?

As with our definition of fantasy in general, it’s pretty broad – spooky fantasy can cover dark fantasy, paranormal, ghost stories, even fantasy-adjacent horror if you like to go hard. Basically if you think it fits the bill, that’s good enough for us!

Is there a sign-up form for this event?

Nope! It’s even more casual than Wyrd and Wonder. You can participate via blog, Twitter, Instagram, whatever – same as W&W – but as it’s a smaller event, there’s less of a need for a master schedule. Just hit us up on Twitter where possible; we still want to boost all the signals we can!

When does it take place?

As our banner suggests, the event is held from October 19th to October 31st. How better to close out a Halloween-centric event than on midnight on Halloween, right? And we chose to make the event last 13 days because we enjoy superstition, sometimes. Just sometimes.

Can I leave the lights on while I read/watch stuff?

Most certainly. One scaredycat to another: protect your vision, people.

What’s that Twitter handle again?

We will be using the dedicated Wyrd and Wonder twitter account for this event as well, so if you haven’t already, you can find us there @wyrdandwonder! And the event’s hashtag will be #SpooktasticReads.


Right, I think that covers the important stuff but if there’s anything I’ve missed or you have another question, feel free to ask! Otherwise, I’ll see all you wonderful freaks and geeks in October…



The artwork used to create this banner is licensed for use in promoting the event online. You’re welcome to use our banner to show your participation, but please do not make any changes except to resize as needed. And please remember to credit the artist.

Art by Olga Yastremska on



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